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Zep Hindle

Portrayed by Michael Emerson

Appeared in
Also Known As
Zepp Hindle
Died in
Cause of death
Skull bludgeoned with a toilet tank lid
Hospital Orderly
Test subject
Reason tested
Enviously hating and badmouthing people, instead of attempting to improve his own life.
John Kramer (former friend, deceased),

Laura Manning (wife), Lawrence Gordon (former colleague), Lynn Denlon (possible former colleague, deceased),

Adam Stanheight (killer, deceased)

"I know him. Zep! His name is Zep. He's an orderly in my hospital. You perverted little psychopath. I'm gonna take great pleasure in seeing you pay for this! You bastard-fuck!"

Dr. Gordon thinking Zep is Jigsaw

Zep Hindle was an orderly who worked in the hospital where John Kramer (the Jigsaw Killer) was treated for his cancer. He was played by later Golden Globe-nominee Michael Emerson of Lost (which also featured Ken Leung, who played Steven Sing in the first film).




Zep as a hospital orderly

Zep was a quiet orderly, at St. Eustace Hospital, who formed a bond with John while he was being treated for his cancer. However, John considered him to have "issues of his own", as Zep secretly talked about the doctors behind their backs, saying that they were all having affairs and calling Dr. Lawrence Gordon "a cold-hearted bastard". John seemed to see a lot of his own actions in Zep's goals, reminding him of himself before he was diagnosed with cancer. The reason why John decided to test Zep was because he noticed that Zep was wasting his life with dreams of becoming a doctor, dreams that were never going to come true because Zep never attempted to fullfill his goals and instead enviously hated those who had succeeded more than him (like Lawrence Gordon). (Saw: Rebirth)

Zep oversees Adam and Lawrence's test

Test Edit

Zep was later forced to watch Dr. Gordon and Adam Stanheight play out their game, which took place in a grimy industrial bathroom.


Zep watching Diana from her closet

If Lawrence failed to kill Adam by 6 o'clock, then Zep would be forced to kill him, and his wife and daughter, whom he was holding hostage, in order to recieve the antidote for a slow-acting nerve agent in his bloodstream.


Allison holding Zep gunpoint

Lawrence failed, but his wife and daughter managed to escape from Zep's grip before he could kill them, as Zep was attacked by David Tapp, a former detective who was watching the Gordons' home from across the street. Zep fled down to the sewers to kill Lawrence, pursued by Tapp, and the two engaged in a brief fight. After shooting Tapp in the stomach, he proceeded to the bathroom, where he found Adam and Lawrence.


Zep and Adam wrestle for the gun

Lawrence, who had shot Adam, attempted to shoot Zep, but was out of bullets. As Zep prepared to kill Lawrence (as he had acted too late), Adam took him by surprise, pulling his leg out from under him, and knocking him to the ground. Both began to wrestle for the gun, and Adam bludgeoned him to death with the toilet tank's lid. (Saw)



Adam sprawled over Zep's corpse

Following his death, Zep's corpse was left in the bathroom, along with Lawrence Gordon's severed foot, and the corpses of Adam Stanheight and later Xavier Chavez. Six months after his death, it had entered an advanced state of decomposition and was already degrading to bone. (Saw II, III)

Zep Saw 2

Zep's decomposing corpse in Saw II


Zep's decomposing corpse in Saw 3D

Within another eighteen months, Zep's corpse had almost fully decomposed, with very little left other than his skeleton. Dr. Gordon shackled Hoffman to the same pipe as Adam, next to Zep's corpse, and subsequently left him there to die. (Saw 3D)


  • In the Saw commentary James Wan and Leigh Whannell revealed that Zep enjoyed the sense of power had over the other victims which he did not have before.
  • In Leigh Whannell's original screenplay for Saw, Adam find's Zep's driver's license after killing him. Zep's real name is revealed to be Shepherd Hindle. This was changed along with much of the script when shooting began.
  • Zep was killed by Adam strangling him with his shackle in Leigh Whannell's original screenplay for Saw.

Other appearancesEdit

Saw II: Flesh & BloodEdit

Zep was mentioned in a case file. David Tapp gives Jigsaw's description as Zep's, due to the fact he believed that Zep was Jigsaw, and John Kramer wasn't been suspect yet.

Saw VEdit


Zep's name seen on the FBI document in Saw V

Zep's name was seen on a list of Jigsaw victims on a document observed by FBI Agent Peter Strahm.


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