It's the rules.
— Zep prepares himself to kill Lawrence Gordon[src]

Zep's Test is one of Jigsaw's games in the Saw franchise, occurring in the first Saw film.


Zep Hindle's Test

Hello, Mr. Hindle. Or as they called you around the hospital: Zep. I want you to make a choice. There's a slow-acting poison coursing through your system, which only I have the antidote for. Will you murder a mother and her child to save yourself? Listen carefully, if you will; there are rules...
— Zep Hindle's tape[src]

Several month after the beginning of his games, John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, targeted Zep Hindle, an orderly from the Angel of Mercy Hospital, due to the latter's inferiority complex which caused him to generally despise the people who were more successful than him. Therefore he was abducted and poisoned with a deadly, slow-acting toxin, which only Jigsaw had the antidote for. An audio tape left by the killer gave him a deadly ultimatum: In order to save his life and get the antidote, Zep had to take the family of Dr. Lawrence Gordon hostage and observe another game that Gordon had to play on his own in the meantime. If Gordon didn't manage to kill his cellmate, Adam Stanheight, until 6:00 o'clock, Zep had to kill Gordon's wife and daughter, Alison and Diana Gordon.

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Diana becomes aware of Zep's presence

At the night of Dr. Gordon's game, Zep invaded his apartment through the bedroom of his daughter, Diana. However due to the sound of her wind chimes, Diana woke up and soon realized that someone was in the room with her. Out of fear she went to her parents' bedroom where her mother was sleeping, while Zep went into hiding in Diana's closet. Shortly afterwards she returned with her father who turned the light on to show her that there was nothing to fear. However Diana was still afraid. Therefore her father talked to her to calm her down and lift her spirits until he got interrupted by his medical student, Carla, who paged him. As Carla was also his mistress, Lawrence lied to his daughter and told her he had to go back to work. When he was about to go, Diana asked him if he was going to leave her and Alison. Surprised about her concerns, Lawrence told her how much he loved her and that he'd never abandon them before leaving the room, promising Diana he'd read her favorite bedtime story to her the next day. Diana was happy to hear that, but when she heard her father and mother arguing before her room, she became distraught again.


The invader attacks Diana

Only mere seconds after Lawrence left the apartment, Diana startled up from her bed when she heard a noise. One moment later, Zep stepped out of her closet, covered with a bed sheet. Upon hearing her daughter's frightened screams, Alison entered the room. Shocked by the presence of the intruder, she tried to protect her daughter but was quickly overpowered by the man who tied her and Diana to one of the posts of Alison and Lawrence's bed.

After bringing them under his control with his gun he tied them to the bedpost in Alison and Lawrence's room. As he greatly enjoyed to frighten them he mentally tortured them. He used a stethoscope to listen to Diana's heart tones. When Alison demanded him to leave Diana alone, he suddenly held his gun to her head and listened how Diana's heartbeat increased. When he was done he gave Diana her teddy bear and stepped to the window. Unbeknownst to him he was observed by discharged Detective David Tapp who had rented a run-down apartment on the opposite site of the street to observe Gordon who he believed to be the Jigsaw Killer. Meanwhile the actual killer or one of his apprentices was watching Zep from the street and took a photo of him which was later used for another game played by Adam Stanheight and Lawrence Gordon. Following his instructions Zep also took a photo of Gordon's tied up family which he gave to Jigsaw as it was going to be used as a clue for Gordon in his game. He also anonymously called Dr. Gordon in Carla's room at the Hotel Barfly and told him he knew about his affair in order to decoy him out of the motel so he could be abducted.


Zep oversees Adam and Lawrence's game

Afterwards Zep set up a timer and a monitoring system in Gordon's office to witness the latter's progress in his game. When they found the camera which was hidden behind a one-way mirror and yelled at whoever was behind it Zep just casually made sport of them, taking pleasure from seeing Gordon suffer. At one point in the game Dr. Gordon found a cellphone. However when he tried to call the police he realized the phone could only receive calls, not make them. Shortly afterwards Zep called him and let Diana and Alison to speak to him. He forced the latter to tell Gordon not to trust his cellmate, Adam, and that he knew everything about Gordon. After that he ended the call and put Alison's gag back into her mouth. (Saw)

Backup Plan

Shortly afterwards Adam suddenly found the photo of Zep at Gordon's window and Gordon immediately recognized him, concluding that Zep must be the killer. Moments later the clock finally struck six. As Gordon still hadn't managed to pass his test Zep turned off the surveillance system and prepared himself to shoot Diana and Alison.

Alison holding Zep gunpoint

However before doing so he called Gordon again and forced Alison to tell him that he had failed. Unbeknownst to him Alison had secretly managed to get free from the cords restraining her hands and was able to take him by surprise and take his weapon. While holding him at gunpoint she forced him to shove the phone to her so she could talk to Lawrence. Unfortunately she was distracted by her daughter, giving Zep the chance to attack her. They engaged in a fight, causing Zep to accidentally trigger several shots. He managed to get his weapon back but was injured when Alison grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the leg, causing him to collapse. At the same moment David Tapp who had heard the gunshots burst into the apartment and opened fire on Zep while the hostages escaped the scene. When his magazine was empty he charged at Zep who incapacitated him by smashing a glass vase on Tapp's head and fled to go after Gordon. However Tapp quickly recovered and pursued Zep in his car to what appeared to be an old factory where Gordon and Adam had to play their game. When he finally outran Zep in an underground hallway they engaged in another fight. During their scuffle Tapp was shot in the chest and collapsed and was eventually left for dead by his adversary. (Saw)



Zep and Adam fight for the gun

Only a few moments later Zep finally reached the bathroom where Gordon and Adam were imprisoned. Gordon, assuming his family was dead at his hands, screamed at Zep that he would kill him, but Zep ignored him and looked at Adam, who was shot. After he was sure that Adam was dead Zep aimed his gun at Dr. Gordon and prepared to kill him due to the rules given to him. However Adam was actually still alive. He knocked Zep to the ground and started to fight for his gun. When he eventually managed to get the gun out of Zep's hands he bludgeoned his head with the lid of the toilet tank, killing him. Lawrence then promised to find help for Adam and crawled out of the bathroom, leaving Adam behind alone. Ridden by fears Adam searched Zep's body for a key to his shackle but instead found Zep's audio tape by Jigsaw, causing him to realize that Zep was merely another victim of the killer. (Saw)

In other Media

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

Zep was mentioned in one of David Tapp's files in Saw II: Flesh & Blood. According to the file Tapp was now convinced that Zep was the actual Jigsaw Killer, not knowing that he was in fact just another one of his victims.


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