Zeke was a Jigsaw victim, who Jigsaw chose due to the fact he was a pedophile who molested little girls.

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

Prior to the events of the game, Zeke was convicted of molesting little girls, however his sentence was deemed insufficient for the nature and severity of his crimes.

Zeke was placed in a Hand Trap, with a rotating cylindrical combination lock. Upon waking a tape played, informing him that he would need the combination to be free, but he would need someone else to give him the combination.

Michael Tapp arrives, and is told that he must work with Zeke in order to free them both, Zeke from the Box and himself from the room he is in (which is rigged with bombs.) Michael is successful in giving the combination to Zeke.
Zeke Blades

Zeke's new hands.

Zeke is freed, he but passes out from blood loss, and he is dragged away by Pighead II. His hands are later amputated he has his damaged forearms replaced with large blades.

Jigsaw says that he is free to go, however he is enraged and driven insane by the loss of his hands and blames Michael, (presumably for taking so long to get to him.)

His grip on reality shattered, he becomes obsessed with killing Michael and taking his hands for himself.

He follows Michael and finds him while he explores the facility, and chases him through the hallway. Michael evades him by jumping across a hole in the floor, which Zeke cannot cross since he cannot grab the ledge. Enraged he uses the vents in order to find another way around.

Saw-ii-flesh-blood-20100827104219670 640w

Zeke's demise.

He later ambushes Michael and attempts again attempts to kill him, he is temporarily dazed, giving Michael a chance to flee. He continues his chase, though his progress is halted when Michael blockes his path, he once again looks for another way around. Michael finds himself in a room with a minuature spiked wall, which will trigger when someone steps on a pressure pad. Zeke begins to attempt to break the door down, Michael quickly sets the trap, just in time before Zeke breaks open the door, inadvertantly standing on the pressure pad, causing the walls to slam together, crushing him between them, killing him instantly.


Hello Zeke. You like to molest little girls robbing them of their precious childhood and steering them into lives of prostitution and drug use. You were caught red-handed, but went to prison for only a fraction of your real crimes. Around your wrists are razors. Soon, someone will come in and tell you a series of numbers. Twist the device in the box to match the numbers you are given. This time, your hands will be red with blood.
— Zeke's tape


  • The Box Zeke is trapped in at his first encounter is identical to the box Addison get's trapped in, In Saw II, Though it is slightly modified, to have a release mechanism within.
  • With his bladed hands, he resembles a Slayer from the game series The Suffering.


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