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Xavier Chavez
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw II, III, V, 3D
Also Known As N/A
Status Deceased
Died In Saw II
Cause of Death Throat slashed with a hacksaw by Daniel Matthews
Profession Drug Dealer
Role Test Subject
Reason Tested One of the criminals that Detective Eric Matthews framed for crimes they did not commit. Possibly also for his occupation.
Relationships Eric Matthews (framed by him, deceased), Daniel Matthews (enemy, rival, killer, and son of the man who framed him)
Portrayed by Franky G

I want to play a game. The game I want to play is very similar to the one that you've been playing as a drug dealer.

John about Xavier in his Trap/Test

Xavier Chavez was a prisoner in the Nerve Gas House as well as the secondary antagonist of Saw II. He is portrayed by Franky G.



Xavier Chavez was a drug dealer, "offering hope to the desperate for a price." He was later framed by Detective Eric Matthews for a crime that he was not responsible for, which resulted in him being sent to prison. Several years later, he was kidnapped by The Jigsaw Killer, and trapped in a house being filled with a nerve agent that would kill him within two hours unless he was able to retrieve one of the antidotes hidden around the house in Saw II. According to the Saw II website, Xavier was written to be 40 years old.


After waking up in the nerve gas house, Xavier unintentionally cause Gus's death by attempting to use a key on the Magnum Eyehole door. Once the door opened, Xavier took off into the house on his own, not wanting to be slowed down by the others.

In the basement he threatened Obi with a knife, forcing him to enter a furnace to retrieve two antidotes, and later threw Amanda into a pit of needles, a test that was intended for him. Amanda found the key that was needed to open a steel door containing another antidote, but Xavier fumbled with the key and failed to open it in time. After that, he discovered that numbers had been written on the back of each of their necks, and when put together, they would provide the combination to a safe which contained another antidote.

After reading the number on the back of Gus's neck, Xavier killed Jonas with a nail-studded baseball bat for his number. He then pursued the remaining victims, and left Addison to bleed to death in the Razor Box trap before hunting down Daniel and Amanda. Along the way, Xavier discovered a discarded photo that revealed that Daniel was the son of the man who framed and sent him to prison.

After cornering the two of them in a disused subterranean bathroom, Amanda reminded Xavier that he'd have no way to read his own number if she didn't tell him. Realizing he had no other choice, Xavier used his knife to cut the skin from the back of his neck. A brief glimpse revealed Xavier's number to be an indigo 25.  He then reached for Daniel, who sprang to life and slashed his neck with a hacksaw in self defense.

Kill Count

  • Jonas Singer: Hit in the head with a Nail-Studded baseball bat.

Deaths connected to Xavier

List of Appearances

Canon (4 films)



  • In Saw II and Saw III, Xavier's corpse had his arms spread out at his sides, whereas in Saw 3D, the dead Xavier's arms were closer to his sides. This may be a result of the tissue tension occurring during the decay process.

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