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Hangman Wisdom Teeth Combination Brazen Bull

Inscribed on the entrance to this room were the words: "Value your loved ones."

Bobby reaches his penultimate test and is told by Sarah Jigsaw that the door to the next room leads to his wife, but first, he must enter a four-digit combination into a lock on the door in order to open it. Billy the puppet goes on to explain that the combination is written on two of his teeth, two numbers to a tooth, but without assistance or a mirror he cannot read the combination, unless he physcially pulls them out and reads them. A chart placed on the adjacent wall reveals to Bobby which teeth he needs to extract and in what order he must read the combination once he has it. Bobby is also supplied with a pair of dental pliers to use in removing his teeth.

Hello Bobby. Before you is the door that leads to your wife. However you must first make a choice. As you may have guessed, your decision will be as difficult as pulling teeth. The lock before you requires a four digit combination to open. However to access this (key?), a different sacrifice will have to be made. Watch and learn Bobby." *Shows a set of fake teeth placed on a mannequin, with pliers pulling out the left and right wisdom teeth* "The necessary numbers have been etched onto two of your teeth. Look to the chart as a reference for which teeth to pull and in which order to enter the digits. Time is ticking down, you must make your decision quickly."

Bobby Dagen's tape

Bobby first consults the chart and realizes that he must pull out his two upper wisdown teeth, then he proceeds to take the pliers and pluck each tooth out, slowly and painfully.

The code for the door is: 5693

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