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William Easton
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw VI, 3D
Also Known As Will, Mr.E., Mr Easton
Status Deceased
Died In Saw VI
Cause of Death Dissolved in half by Hydrofluoric Acid
Profession Health Insurance Executive
Role Test Subject, Primary Protagonist
Reason Tested Not providing health insurance for the seriously ill people
Relationships Pamela Jenkins (Sister), John Kramer (Ex-Client), Hank (janitor), Allen (File Clerk), Addy (Secretary), Debbie (Lawyer)
Portrayed by Peter Outerbridge
Well, it's a formula. It's pretty complicated, actually, but in essence, it breaks down to monthly payments multiplied by lifespan, minus the probability of illness, and if its sum is positive, we consider coverage.
— William explaining how his formula works

William Easton is a fictional character from the Saw Franchise, as well as the main protagonist of Saw VI. He is portrayed by Peter Outerbridge.


William Easton was the health insurance executive of the Umbrella Company, who used a probability formula that decided whether or not to provide their clients with the health insurance they requested, only accepting the clients that were in good health, while rejecting those with serious health problems, which would consequently eventually result in their deaths due to lack of coverage for their current state and condition. The company became notably for turning down more than two thirds of their clients for health coverage. Although, there was a presumably massive quantity of rejected clients, only two have been identified, those being Harold Abbott, who had heart disease and died shortly afterwards. And the second client being John Kramer, who suffered from colon cancer and an inoperable frontal lobe tumor, John eventually committed an unsuccessful suicide attempt (with his lack of health coverage playing a partial role in his motivation) John became the infamous Jigsaw Killer, and in his quest to teach people life lessons, he targeted William for his refusal to give everybody a fair chance before eventually having him abducted by his successor Mark Hoffman shortly after John's death.

William awoke chained up in a dark room with a breathing mask secured over his face. John's taped message for William was unique because Jigsaw addressed him directly rather than using Billy the Puppet, forcing William to see the face of a man he was largely responsible for killing. His first test pitted him against Hank , the company janitor who, according to John, continued to smoke despite his history of heart problems and high blood pressure. Both of their breath masks were wired to a set of clamps that would close in on them a little bit every time one of them took a fresh breath. Though William encouraged Hank to hold his breath, he ultimately panicked, taking shallower breaths until his chest was crushed in. Once free of his bonds William discovered the first key to the explosive charges strapped to his arms and legs, which were set to go off should William fail to complete his games within the alotted hour.

His next test involved Allen (his file clerk) and Addy (his secretary), who were both suspended on a collapsible platforms with barbed wire nooses over their necks. At first he tried to carry on without performing the task, but relented and took hold of the handles after the devices on his limbs started to react. Billy tells him that Allen was a young healthy man with no family, while Addy was older, weaker, and had a family history of diabetes. Jigsaw rationed that according to William's own policies Addy, being the weaker of the two, was less deserving of saving, but that her death would be an incredible loss for the family she'd leave behind. William vainly tried to object, but as he refused to let go of one of the handles, the trap slowly detracts them apart, forcing William to make a choice or both would die. In the end, he chooses to save Addy, and Allen is hanged. Addy tearfully voiced her appreciation, and William obtained another key for the device on his left wrist.

The third (Steam Maze) involved his lawyer Debbie, who was instructed to pass through a maze full of various obstacles with 90 seconds, or else the trap on Debbie's chest would fire a rod into her head, but in order for her to make it Will would have to "be there for her". At various points where Debbie's way was obstructed by hot steam, Will had to redirect the steam on himself, scorching his neck, but clearing the way for Debbie. William tells her to look for a key for the trap, but she discovers on X-rays that the device is sewn into William's side (which he discovers at the end of the first trap). While William prepared himself to yank out his stitches, Debbie, armed with a power saw, manically attacked Will in an effort to retrieve the key, which used up the rest of her time and sealed her fate. This key received unlocks the device on his right ankle.

The fourth (Shotgun Carousel) has William's six most "valuable" associates: Aaron, Emily, Gena, Dave, Shelby, and Josh (collectively referred to by William as the Dog Pit). The six of them are chained to a carousel inside a cage, with each of them rotating in front of a shotgun rigged on it's own firing mechanism. William had the option to save two of them by pressing two buttons, but doing so also resulted in his hand being pierced by a metal rod; however if he didn't react, all six would die. Aaron was the first to die, pleading with William to follow the company's policy. Emily was the second, but William saved her when she pleaded that she had two children who couldn't grow up without her. Gena was the third for the shotgun to kill, and insisted she was pregnant, but the remaining members accused her of lying. Dave was the fourth to die. He offered to bribe William. Shelby was the second person William saved, who said that her parents were sick and they needed her. Josh, knowing that he was the final member to die, criticized William and yelled at him to look at him as he prepared to die, which William mournfully did. William received the final key for the device on his left ankle.

Acid injection

William, dissolving and killing him from the inside, by the trap.

William, free from danger, reached the end of the game with one second left. He found himself between two cages: one with his sister, Pamela Jenkins, and the other with Tara and Brent Abbott, the mother and son of Harold. William found himself in another game (Tara's Test), with Tara and Brent having the decision to let him live or to kill him. Tara tries to trigger the device towards "DIE", but is unable to do it after hearing William and Pamela's pleads. However, Brent angrily shifted it to "DIE", and a bed of needles (attached to a platform), swing down and pinned William to their cage. Pamela, Tara, and Brent watched

William as he appears on the news report in Saw 3D

in horror as Hydrofluoric Acid pump into William's body, dissolving him internally and causing his body to melt and split in half at the torso, killing him slowly.


  • In Saw 3D, the events that occurred in the zoological institute were mentioned in a news report, including William's death.
  • It is presumed that Dr. Lawrence Gordon placed the key inside him, as he did all the surgical parts of the traps though this was never shown or mentioned in the Saw 3D flashbacks. However, Hoffman took control of William's game and as shown in the next film, he was capable of stitching wounds so he would know how to place the key inside him. Nonetheless, it would be difficult for Hoffman to get an X-Ray of Easton's chest with the key inside, which would be easy for Dr. Gordon to obtain, as shown with how he took an X-Ray of Michael's eye with the key behind it.
  • In real life, hydrofluoric acid would not kill William in the manner it did. While it would be able to damage his internal organs enough to cause death, it wouldn't be able to melt all the way through his body and cause wounds to appear on the surface of his skin.
  • William appeared to have a degree of sensitivity towards people who have families, evidenced on multiple occasions. This is likely because he himself has a family.
    • The first was when he chose to save Addy even though realistically, Allen would have been the more logical choice due to his having a longer life to live, yet he had no family and she did.
    • The next occurred in the Carousel Trap, where the two people he chose to save notably made no insults towards the others, albeit because one was stopped too soon to make any. The first of these two was Emily, who he didn't hesitate to save when she mentioned her two children she had. The second was Shelby who only defended herself from the others' insults, and mentioned her sick parents.


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