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William's Tests are divided in five parts:

William Easton, was an executive for the health insurance company, Umbrella Health Insurance, who was responsible for turning down coverage claims. William had an hour to complete five tests in an abandoned zoo, or bombs strapped to his arms and legs would detonate, killing him. It was also hinted that if he didn't reach the end of his game in time, something would happen to his family. With each test he completed, he was given a key to one of his shackled bombs. As a precaution, the bombs were set to detonate even if William strayed too far from an individual test. Each of his tests involved individuals who had close ties to him and the health insurance company, mainly his subordinates. In William's games, he was challenged to put his health insurance policy (which ultimately favored younger, healthier people with a higher income) to the test.

Hello, William. You’ve probably been wondering when we would see each other again. Today is that day. For years your probability formula has decided the fate of others. The healthy have benefited while the potentially sick have been unjustly rejected. However, this formula does not take into account the human will to live. When faced with death, who should live versus who will live are two entirely separate things. Today your policy will be put to the test. There are four straps around your limbs and you have four tests you must complete, for if you don’t, the straps on your arms and legs will detonate. Look closely. You have sixty minutes to complete your tests and avoid this fate, starting now. You are not alone in this game. Just as you have taken loved ones away from their families, if you do not reach the end before the timer hits zero, you will never see your family again...

Jigsaw explain the rules

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