Saw 5a

This abandoned asylum is where David Tapp was put to the test for his obsession with catching the Jigsaw Killer. While exploring this asylum Tapp has to face numerous obstacles and survive many traps created by Jigsaw. Many sections of the asylum are either impossible to enter or caved in. Areas that are impossible to enter have large metal braces over the doors, to lead the player through to the traps that await him. Some of these traps involve getting a combination to a door before bombs explode or the floor electrifies the player.


Whitehurt Asylum oppened back in june 2, 1885 by Daniel Whitehurst. Whitehurst oppened the hospital after his own father had committed suicide due to mental illness thus making him wow to fight mental illness. The hospital was meant as a foreunner for medical experiments both traditional and experimental.

The hospital continued on for 4 generations and during this time the hospital had been known for cruelty to its patients. The doctors was always trying to find way to cut corners in their medical experiments to cut costs like only giving opitates to patients who needed them while taking advantage of the patients who did not react to pain (Implying they were cut open while they were awake during surgery), they tried completely new experiments which had a high body count (Like the "Gamme Knife" experiment which was a new procedure where the patient if fitted with a leather helmet, and then exposed to radiation to remove a certain part of the brain, using old outdated methods to cure mental illness which did not work (like isolation therepy and use of "Rush Chairs" as miniature isolation chambers), and a general neglect for patients.

The hospital was finally shut down by Daniel Whitehurst IV after almost an 100 years of service due to money shortage. Since then the hospital has been left to decay and neglected until Jigsaw found the hospital and decided to use the hospital once again for his latest game to host David Tapps trials. It is unknown what happened to the building after Tapp completed his test and free everyone else who was alive at the time in the asylum.

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