Twisted Pictures
Type Film Production
Founded 2002
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA, United States

Twisted Pictures is a production company, mainly creating films of the horror genre. It gained wide attention through the production of the Saw series.


Film Gross Director Release Date Budget
Saw (short film) James Wan 2003
Saw $103,096,345 James Wan October 29, 2004 $1,200,000
Saw II $152,925,093 Darren Lynn Bousman October 28, 2005 $4,000,000
Saw III $163,876,815 Darren Lynn Bousman October 27, 2006 $9,800,000
Catacombs $476,201 Tomm Coker & David Elliot February 2007
Dead Silence $22,217,407 James Wan March 16th, 2007 $20,000,000
Saw IV $139,352,633 Darren Lynn Bousman October 26, 2007 $10,000,000
Saw V $113,857,533 David Hackl October 24, 2008 $10,800,000
Repo! The Genetic Opera $188,127 Darren Lynn Bousman November 7, 2008 $8,500,000
The Tortured TBA Robert Lieberman 2009 $8,500,000
Chain Letter TBA Deon Taylor 2009
Saw VI $57,369,413 Kevin Greutert October 23, 2009 $11,000,000
Vlog TBA Joshua Butler October 24, 2008
Saw 3D $91,461,000 Kevin Greutert October 29, 2010 $17,000,000
Motel Hell TBA Steven C. Miller (in talks) TBA
Kept TBA Bill Eagles TBA
Mother's Day TBA Darren Lynn Bousman TBA $11,000,000
Scanners TBA Darren Lynn Bousman TBA
Texas Chainsaw 3D TBA Tobe Hooper TBA TBA

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