Troy Brian Lund (born October 11, 1972) is an actor, best known for his roles in Men of Honor and the MechAssault video game series.

He voiced Jennings Foster and several minions in Saw: The Video Game and Saw II: Flesh & Blood.



Year Title Role
2000 Men of Honor Blonde Gate SP
2004 Inheritance Husband
Commercial Bobby
2005 Our Little Science Story Elmore
2008 Junkbucket Deputy Seal
2009 War of the Grandmas Lance
Luck to 3 Gina's Unfortunate Victim 2
2012 The Pony Man Policeman
2013 The Right Place Chad
2014 His Noodly Appendage Dad
2016 Drip Hank


Year Title Role
2004 Gouge Away Love Struck 2
2012-2013 Fodder Various
2012 Leverage Roy
Grimm Cop

Video Games

Year Title Role
1999 Backyard Football Tony Gonzales / Dante Culpepper
2002 MechAssault Foster
2004 MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf Foster
2009 Saw: The Video Game Jennings Foster / Minions
2010 Saw II: Flesh & Blood Jennings Foster


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