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Saw4 7
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw IV, 3D
Also Known As N/A
Status Deceased
Died In Saw IV
Cause of Death Skull bludgeoned by Art Blank with a hammer
Profession Unknown
Role Test Subject
Reason Tested Unknown
Relationships Art Blank (killer, deceased);
Portrayed by Kevin Rushton

Trevor was a victim of Jigsaw.

Saw IV

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Trevor's death

Trevor first appeared in Saw IV as a victim placed in a Mausoleum trap with Art Blank. He awoke with eyes sewn shut. He unknowingly had a key stuck to the back of his neck that would have freed both himself and Art, whose lips were sewn shut. Trevor attacked Art thinking he was a threat, but Art killed Trevor, retrieved the key and saved himself from the device they were chained to.  </span>

Saw 3D


Lawrence Gordon sewing Trevor's eyes shut

Saw 3D revealed that it was Lawrence Gordon who sewed his eyes shut.

Reason Tested

Trevor is one of the only characters for whom the exact reason for being tested is never explained. A theory for why he was tested goes back to his trap. His eyes were sewn shut, which could mean he was a voyeur or rapist (like Ivan Landsness), a spy (like Adam Stanheight) or a police informant (like Michael Marks). This theory is supported by the fact that Trevor lost his sight, which he may have relied on heavily until now. This makes sense because Art Blank's mouth was sewn shut, which he used to make a living. It's possible that Art Blank was Trevor's lawyer and got him set free for a crime he committed. This is especially likely since several of the other characters placed in traps in Saw IV were all connected to Art Blank being their lawyer and setting them free from justice for their crimes. It has yet to be confirmed, but it is quite likely that Trevor was a violent felon who was tested because Art Blank allowed him to never face justice, a theme carried on with the Fatal Five in Saw V


Trevor and Art in Mausoleum trap.


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