This page contains all the Traps used in the video game Saw II: Flesh & Blood.

Campbell's Trial

The Death Mask

Similar to the Venus Flytrap from Saw II, a drug-addicted man named Campbell wakes up in the Death Mask and must cut open the area beneath his eye in order to retrieve a key and unlock the harness, before it clamps onto his head. Campbell must traverse a series of rooms, looking for the truth about his son, who is also a drug addict.

Tape: Hello, Campbell. I want to play a game. You flushed your own life down the toilet with your addiction to drugs. The sins of your father pass on to the son, who is also a drug addict. You no longer if he's alive or dead. I can show you the truth. But you must shed some blood.

The Glass Elevator

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Campbell eventually reaches a room with spiked walls surrounding him. There is large gap where the floor should be, with a balancing spanning it. Located at the end of the hall, is a protected glass elevator. Jigsaw tells Campbell that another victim located above him is in a similar situation and can only survive if Campbell chooses not to take the elevator at the end of the hallway and sacrifice himself by getting crushed in between the spiked walls closing in on him. Campbell's second option is to reach the end of the hall and get into the elevator, choosing to save himself, and letting the other mysterious person die. Only one person can fit into the elevator.

At the end of the game, the victim is revealed to be Michael. If Campbell got into the glass elevator and saved himself, Michael will be crushed to death by the closing walls. Campbell then meets Jigsaw personally inside a door and Jigsaw tells him that his son is outside the building. Campbell gets very angry and tries to assault Jigsaw but he is impaled by a swinging scythe. Jigsaw then goes to his corpse and says "Game Over". If Michael got into the glass elevator, he will face two doors; one lets him escape Jigsaw's game and publish the story from the case files he collected, while the second door leads him to a Pighead outfit, implying that Michael can become Jigsaw's new accomplice. The choice made is not revealed.

Michael's Tests

Michael Tapp wakes up in a cage lined to a track filled with broken glass. Beside him is a man named Solomon in the same situation. On a television, Jigsaw tells them to move the cages to the end of the tracks to open a door and escape, however only one of them may pass through the door. The floor is also covered with broken glass, and they are both barefoot, so pushing the cage while walking will not be an easy task for them. Solomon manages to make it in the end and escape, leaving Michael behind, while Jigsaw gives Michael another test.

The Revolver Trap

Michael finds the chief of police, Henry Jacobs, strapped to a chair with a

revolver perched on a stand and aimed in his mouth, as well as a large blue, yellow and red wooden target placed behind his head. Michael must switch off a panel of light in order to free him, however, each button pressed brings the gun closer to firing. Should he fail, the gun would fire a bullet into Henry's head.

Tape: Hello, Henry. When you were promoted to chief of police, you vowed to rid the streets of drug abuse. But like any politician, you have become part of the problem, instead of the solution. You have defied the oath you made to protect the public. Usually when an officer of the law falls as low as you, they take their own life - they eat the gun. Allow me to help you with that. Each panel has a series of lights that must be switched off. But be careful, each click brings the gun closer to firing. Switch off all the lights on each panel; or it's lights out. Detective Tapp shot himself because he couldn't see the light. This is your chance to see the light - by turning them off. Live or die, Henry.

The Tank

Saw ll Flesh Blood The Tank

Michael reaches a drug-addict, Sarah Blalok inside of a tank that is slowly filling with water (Similar to the Cube Trap in Saw V). Michael must drain the water and shut off the electricity by connecting numerous rotating pipes so that he can reach her and open the tank before she drowns.

Tape: Hello Sarah. I want to play a game. You pollute your body with drugs and sell your morals on the street corner for whatever you can get. Detective Tapp gave you a second chance, an escape from your addiction. But after his death, you slipped back into your old ways, didn't you? You ate drowning in your own self-pity. Drain the water from the box by aligning the release pipes. You'd better hurry, I don't think she can hold her breath forever.

The Crushing Table



Michael finds a cop, Joseph Poltzer, tied to a metal table with vices by his limbs and head. Michael must complete a series of colour puzzles to shut down the device and free Joseph. Should Michael fail, the device will get to full power and crush Joseph's limbs and skull with immense pressure and speed, killing him.

The Elevator Trap

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Michael discovers a nurse, Carla Song, who appears in an elevator shaft with her arms restrained and locked onto a metal board, which is secured by chains connected to either side of the shaft, while her legs are secured to the roof of a stationary elevator resting beneath her. Michael must balance groupings of numbers before the time expires and the elevator falls, taking Carla's lower half with it and ultimately killing her.

Tape: Hello Carla. You are a doctor at a free clinic, tending to people in need. This will be admirable, except for the fact that you steal pharmaceuticals and you sell them on the street. Your legs attached to an elevator, and your arms to the ceiling. Balance the numbers using as due numbers as possible. If you fail, the elevator will fall, tearing you in half. You feed off the addictions is the disparate and the dispute, perpetuating a cycle of addiction that is difficult to break. Well, let's see what your breaking point is.

The Burning Rack

Michael discovers Solomon tied by his hands, feet, and torso to a sliding cart, connected to a railing a few feet above the ground, hanging above numerous pipes. The pipes below are all linked to a heater and alternate between spewing flames. Michael must move Solomon's cart horizontally from room to room until the cart reaches the end of the series of rooms in order to set Solomon free. Each room has three sets of pipes that alternate between spewing fire for a set period of time, and it is Michael's responsibility to make sure that Solomon is not hanging above the pipes while they are active. Likewise Michael is also required to complete puzzles in the each room (moving carts to clear a path and matching symbols) while he is preventing the hot pipes beneath Solomon from burning him alive.

Michael's Final Test (Path of Flesh)

If Campbell chose to die and Michael reaches the elevator, he makes it to a room with two doors: one will lead him to his freedom and he continues on to publish his stories using the case files he collected during his test, while the other door will lead him to a Pighead outfit because Jigsaw wants Michael to serve justice to the world and become another one of his apprentices. Michael's final choice is not revealed.

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