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This page contains all the Traps used in Saw: The Video Game.

Saw: The Video Game features many traps from the Saw films including Reverse Bear Traps, Venus Deathmasks, Shotgun Collars, and others, while also introducing brand new traps. Many of the central (Chapter) trap ideas in the game involve borrowed or similar ideas from the film series. The game specifically focuses around Tapp's tests and each Chapter concludes with a trap involving another victim whom Tapp is required to save.

Tapp's Tests

944706 20091009 790screen001

Tapp wakes in the Asylum with a Reverse Bear Trap on his head

Similar to the Nerve Gas House in the second film, a large asylum was the location of an ongoing game involving multiple victims, puzzles, and traps, meant to test Detective Tapp. Tapp woke up in an abandoned asylum with a Reverse Bear Trap on his head and was forced to complete a puzzle in order to remove it. (after removing it you can find Lawrence Gordons severed foot, from the Bathroom Trap) Tapp soon found that he had no other choice but to continue through the Asylum if he hoped to escape, but as he traversed the location, he found that there were other victims inside and that most of them were trying to kill him. Tapp discovered that the reason the other victims had turned against him was that Jigsaw, while treating his gunshot wound (from the original Saw movie), placed a key somewhere inside of his body and the key was the only way that the other victims could free themselves from their own traps, some traps more obvious than others. Tapp's game was meant to test how far he would go in his obsession to find and stop Jigsaw and to show Tapp how his obsession had hurt others.

Tape: Hello, Detective Tapp. I want to play a game. Your obsession with catching me has robbed you of your life and the lives of others. You abuse every resource available to you, tearing apart lives in your quest to find the truth. You have lost your family, your badge, even the life of your partner, Detective Sing. You have lost your health, whittled away from the bullet wound in your chest. But you have not given up, have you? Now we will see if you can overcome your obsession. No doubt you remember the device attached to your jaw. It is evidence, left over from your investigation. Here's what happens if you lose. Free yourself from the device and pursue me, or sit there and let it tear you apart. The choice is yours.

In more detail, his tests were:

Trap IV

The Detox Chair

The Detox Chair Trap

Tapp arrived at his first test to find Amanda Young strapped to a chair with two needles injecting a red liquid into her wrists. Tapp was instructed to sit in the chair next to her and allow himself to be injected with a blue liquid. Each individual had a poison acting throughout their bodies and it was up to Tapp to ensure that the correct antidotes were mixed using the machine in between the two and also to make sure that neither person flatlined. Tapp succeeded, but unbeknownst to him.....

Tape: Hello Amanda, you remember me. I want to play a game. You told our friend the Detective that I saved you, but you forget your lesson. You damaged your body with drugs and pain. Now the needle will save your life. Each of you will be injected with different poisons that will slowly break down your bodies. The device in front of you contains the antidotes to each of the poisons. The red vials go to the left, and the blue vials to the right. But be careful, incorrectly mixing the antidotes will cause some...discomfort. The last time we played, you freed yourself by taking a life. Now your only salvation is to put your trust in someone else. Live or die, Amanda.

Pendulum Trap (Video Game)

1523348 height370 width560

Detective Tapp and Jennings Foster in the Pendulum Trap

This trap resembled the Pendulum trap featured in Saw V, with minor differences, one being that it was hung vertical to the victim's body instead of horizontally. The victim in this trap was Jennings Foster, a forensic scientist who killed a homeless man in a hit and run, he later framed an innocent man who was sent to jail as a result, however Tapp apparently knew he was guilty. In order to rescue him, Tapp had to connect rotating gears before a time limit expired. If Tapp failed to complete the test, Forster would be split upt the middle, causing his entrails to spill out.

Tape: Hello Jennings. While intoxicated, you hit and killed a homeless man with your car. As a forensic scientist, you knew just what to clean. But you couldn't clean the guilt from your soul, could you? You even put an innocent man in jail for your crime, all to preserve your perfect life. But you couldn't stop the guilt from eating away from you, rotting you from the inside. Unless the officer you involved in your crime can halt the blade, we will see what you really have inside.

The Iron Maiden Trap

Trap Fly

The Iron Maiden

This trap involved Melissa Sing, (Detective Sing's widow) standing on what looked like a large-scale, untriggered bear trap. Melissa's legs were strapped to a platform in between two large boards lined with buzzsaws. Detective Tapp was required to move steel blocks within glass cubes to symbols in each box in order to free her. If Tapp was to fail the test and cross too many strike marks, the magnets holding the boards would have shorted out and the boards would have snapped shut on her, mangling her body in a similar manner to that of an iron maiden.

Tape: Hello Melissa. It's time to wake up and see what your life has become. You understood the risks of marrying an officer of the law. When he was killed, you let your vengeance for Detective Tapp consume you. Your life crumbled, and you neglected your son. I now offer you a gift, a chance to break through the numbness and taste the life you buried with your husband. Will you forgive Detective Tapp, or is your hatred too great to be satiated? You are in what might be called an Iron Maiden. Move the metal cubes to the symbols and avoid the strikes. After six strikes, the device will snap shut and this place will be your tomb.

The Backbreaker Trap


Tapp finds Oswald in the Backbreaker

or "The Bending Table" "The Rack Trap 2.0"

This trap was created for Oswald McGillicutty, a reporter and sensationalist of the jigsaw cases. The rack that Oswald was strapped to was designed to bend his arms backwards, snapping them, followed by his back. The only way for Oswald to escape was if Tapp managed to connect three circuits in three electrical boxes. Tapp completed the task and freed Oswald.

Tape: Hello Oswald. Your newspaper has been the primary source of information about my message; why I do what I do. But your motivations are selfish. You spread my message, but pervert it for your own personal glory. You twisted your words to implicate Detective Tapp, to make the public suspected him to be me. The device you are strapped to will twist until your body is broken. To stop this device, you must complete the electrical circuit panel. If you do not complete this circuit in time, words will not be able to describe your agony.

The Furnace

Trap Furnace

The Furnace

Obi Tate's trap involved a large furnace, similar in concept to his test in Saw II. It would continue to increase in temperature, until Obi was burned alive. To save him, Tapp had to rotate small, circular levels of pipes so that they would connect to each other on opposite sides in order to prevent the furnace from reaching it's maximum temperature and burning Obi.

Tape: Hello Obi. You have isolated yourself from society, creating a life so empty that you have come to me for your test, for a reason to live. You wish to become like me. But the only way to give others the chance to live is to understand why it is so precious. The room you are in is attached to a large furnace. Detective Tapp is your only hope of redemption. If he fails, the temperature will increase and the liquid within your body will boil you alive. Time is short.

The Impaler Trap

or "Memory Spike"

Sawjeff 01s

Rods are positioned to impale Jeff should Tapp fail

Jeff Ridenhour, the man who was placed in the Drill Chair from the original Saw movie, was strapped to a wall with large metal spikes that rested behind it. Tapp needed to play a matching game involving different symbols which would appear on different television screens to release Jeff, but for every mistake Tapp made, a spike from behind the wall would pierce through Jeff's body. However, for every correct pair, a spike would retract. Should Tapp have failed and matched enough symbols incorrectly, Jeff would have been skewered to death by the spikes.

Tape: Hello Jeff. Day after day you live alone isolating yourself to avoid the stress of reality. You have tried to take your own life on multiple occasions because you cannot endure the mental pain of everyday life. Now you will have to endure real pain. The game is simple. Detective Tapp must match all the corresponding symbols and you will be released. Match the wrong symbols, and a metal spike will pierce your body. Match too many wrong symbols, and your suffering will end.

Tapp's Final Test


The Truth and Freedom Doors

At the end of the game, Tapp was presented with two doors with which to walk through, labeled Freedom and Truth. To have been able to choose a door at all, he first had to run through a brutal gauntlet filled with traps and other hazards in order to retrieve a key to the doors.

Tapp's Tape: This is the end, Detective, the end of all that you know. You have saved everyone that you could save. Their lives were yours to do with as you wished. You're here, but have you overcome your obsession? You can save everyone who is left in this asylum, you can grant them their freedom. You can free yourself from your obsession if you only let go of the truth. Or you can continue to pursue the truth, giving into your obsession and throwing all your lives away.

Tapp was forced to fight Jigsaw's mysterious apprentice Pighead in order to retrieve the key to his final test. Tapp then killed Pighead and retrieved the key. Jigsaw labeled Tapp a "murderer" for killing Pighead, even though Pighead tried to suppress Jigsaw.

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