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Saw and Thorpe Park

Lions Gate Entertainment and Twisted Pictures started their partnership with Thorpe Park in March 2009, when Saw: The Ride opened. After this, during Fright Nights 2009, a film called SAW - MOVIE BITES was shown in the Time Voyagers cinema and SAW music was played around the park. A year-round horror maze based on the franchise, named Saw: Alive, was opened in March 2010. It features recreations of scenes from the movies, using live actors and sensory effects to scare visitors. Located on the plaza in between SAW - The Ride and SAW Alive is a SAW Store.

Saw Island

Themed around the Saw film franchise.


  • Saw: The Ride – Opened 2009. A Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter roller coaster with a beyond vertical drop of 100 degrees. Based on the successful "Saw" film series.
  • SAW Alive - Located next to SAW - The Ride on what used to be the Thorpe Belle Education Centre. A year round Horror Maze based on 6 iconic scenes from the SAW films.

Former attractions:

SAW Live - only open during SAW - The Ride's preview event, a live show with actors.

Food and Shopping:

SAW Store - Sells snacks, drinks and souvenirs.

SAW Snacks 'n' Souvenirs - Sells snacks, drinks and souvenirs.

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