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The Saw Podcast official Poster

The Saw Podcast debuted in early 2010 as an unofficial Podcast detailing "Everything Saw related from news to opinions" created by the Teabaggers Pwndcast creator Chris Harrison.

The Podcast took a light hearted but informative look at Saw and throughout 2010 reported on all the news on the final movie Saw 3D. Other episodes feature commentries on the films and insight into community and acting as a conduit to bring this community together in a new medium.

The Podcast was a success gaining a large following and involvement from Marty Adams who played Ivan in Saw IV and this success continues today with a new website, and continuous support from Saw fans eager to keep the franchise alive.

A unique feature is the encouragement to participate with Chris allowing fans of the Podcast to feature and indeed record their own Podcasts and have them featured as full or compilation episodes. With the launch of the new Website the podcast offers fans a place to write Saw articles and have them published and is also launching a community writing team to write the ultimate Saw VIII.

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