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The Revolver Trap

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Michael finds the chief of police, Henry Jacobs, strapped to a chair with a revolver perched on a stand and aimed in his mouth, as well as a large blue, yellow and red wooden target placed behind his head. Michael must switch
off a panel of light in order to free him, however, each button pressed brings the gun closer to firing. Should he fail, the gun would fire a bullet into Henry's head.

Hello Henry. When you were promoted to chief of police, you vowed to rid the streets of drug abuse. But like any politician, you have become part of the problem, instead of the solution. You have defiled the oath you made to protect the public. Now usually, when an officer of the law falls as low as you, they take their own life. They eat the gun. Allow me to... help you with that. You must switch off each panel of lights, but be careful- each button pressed brings the gun closer to firing, and if you fail, it's lights out. Detective Tapp killed himself because he couldn't see the light. This your chance to see the light - by turning them off. Live or die, Henry.

Jigsaw explaining the game

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