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In William's second test, he reaches a dimly lit reptile room with two small screens on the railing in front of him, flashing the words, "Take Them" (referring to two chains with handles connected to the railing), and a large window in front of him. Originally William refuses to take the chains, but when he attempts to continue through the room, the bomb on his wrist begins blinking, forcing William to retreat and pick up both of the handles. Picking up the handles in turn activates two spotlights, first showing Billy the Puppet hanging by a noose of barbed wire. Billy's platform falls and he slams into the glass wall before explaining the trap to William, then illuminating two plank-like platforms behind the glass. On one platform stands a young company file clerk, Allen, and on the other, William's elderly secretary, Addy. Each person has a barbed wire noose around their neck and is gagged and has their hands tied behind their backs. To move on, William is instructed to release one chain, causing the corresponding person's platform to retract and hang them, guaranteeing the other's safety.

Hello, William. Standing on the platforms behind me are two of your colleagues. One: your file clerk, a young healthy male with no living relatives. The other: a middle aged woman, with a family history of diabetes. According to your policy, your secretary is older and weaker, and therefore less worthy to survive, but you know the loss that she will be to her family? While young Allen will disappear without a blip on the world’s radar. Only one can exit this room and the choice of whom falls upon you. You must let go of one to save the life of the other. As you can see, the choice is not so clear when you are face to face with the people whose blood will stain your hands. Let the game begin.

Jigsaw explain the rules

William refuses to let go of either chain at first, however the chains begin to gradually withdraw into a pulley system, making it increasingly difficult for William to maintain his grip and, if he waited, it would eventually become impossible for him to hold on to both. Likewise, as the chains withdraw, the victims' nooses begin to drag them towards the end of their respectve platforms that they are standing on, and assuming that William fails to make a decision, both would be hanged. The instructions for the test point out that by his company's standards, the secretary is too old to be worth saving, however because she has a family, William chooses to let go of the file clerk's chain, letting him die instead. Allan's platform retracts, and the noose severs his artery. Allen is hanged as his body slams against the window, splattering blood in front of William. Afterwards, his body is hoisted upwards, Addy is released, and William proceeds to his next test while unlocking the second strap from his body.

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