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This trap involved two power drills attached to the sides of a chair. As time pressed on, the drills moved closer to
the victim's head, which was held steady by a metal neck brace. In this case, a man named Jeff Ridenbour was and the trap was activated when Jigsaw stepped on a button to distract a pair of detectives from arresting him. Inside a box connected to the chair was a key ring with countless keys on it. One of the detectives, Detective Sing, did not know which key was the necessary one needed to unlock the neck brace, and instead shot the drills, deactivating them moments before reaching Jeff's head.

Possible Means and Tips for EscapeEdit

In this case, the victim had no direct control over the trap and had to rely solely on the hastiness of the detectives.

Awake already, Jeff? I need more powerful tranqualizers next time. Don't cry, I've given your life a purpose. You are a test subject for something greater than yourself.

Jigsaw's words to Jeff


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