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The Collars
Appearances Saw V
Also Known As Neck Tie Trap
Victims Mallick
Luba Gibbs
Created by Mark Hoffman

The Collars - the first trap of Fatal Five's Tests. Also it was a place, where five victims woke up and received the rules.


This trap was set for Brit, Charles, Luba Gibbs, Ashley and Mallick. The five subjects awoke in individual stalls inside of a room with five keys located in five boxes at the other end of the room. Each person was equipped with a collar attached to a cord, which fed back into their stall. This trap involved one person pulling against the five cords, each one linked to the collar around the others' necks, to retrieve the keys at the end of the room and unlock their collars. The obstacle of this test was that as one person ran forward (pulling on his/her own cord) the other four people would be pulled backward towards their own pulleys. The consequence for not completing the trap was decapitation as, in front of the pulleys for the cords, rested mounted razors, which would decapitate them should one person fall back too far, or the timer run out and pull all of the collars into the wall. Mallick became anxious and ran ahead, starting the timer. In the end, the whole group, except for Ashley, managed to retrieve their keys and unlock their collars. Ashley was eventually beheaded by the blade, when the timer counted down to 0 (from 60 seconds), and the cords were pulled tightly into the wall. Had they used teamwork to free themselves, they would have all survived, as only one key was needed to release the lock on all of the collars. They would have been able to simply pass the key from person to person.

Hello and welcome. From birth, you've all given the advantages of few others. Yet, through poor moral decisions, you've used these advantages to selfishly further only yourselves at the expense of others. Well today, this singular way of thinking will be put to the test. Today, five will become one with the common goal of survival. You are all connected. A cable runs through your collar devices. It can be pulled so tight that you will be decapitated on the mounted razors. The only way to remove the collar is with the keys from the glass boxes on the pedestals before you. However, if one of you moves to retrieve the key, the 60-second timer will begin for you all. In choosing how to react to the situation, your life-long instincts will tell you to do one thing, but I implore you to do the opposite. Let the games begin.

Jigsaw explain the rules

The line of 'Today, five will become one...' was hinting to the fact they would have to work together as one team, rather than one person would be left at the end.

Original Idea: Originally the blades would be in the collars, instead of mounted on the wall.

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