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Tara and Brent Abbott
Tara and brent
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw VI, 3D (Tara only)
Status Alive
Profession Unknown
Role Test Subject(s)
Reason Tested William Easton's Tests; To choose to let William live or die, due from Harold Abbott being revoked by him, from his health insurance.
Relationships Harold Abbott (father, deceased); William Easton (health insurer, deceased)
Portrayed by Shauna MacDonald & Devon Bostick

My apologies for exposing you and your son to this kind of treatment, but I can assure you that it is not without reason. The man before you just made the sacrifices to save the life of a loved one. However, when given the opportunity to save your husband's life, he chose not to.

John, Tara's video

Tara and Brent Abbott were victims in Saw VI, played by Shauna MacDonald and Devon Bostick, respectively. They were the wife and son of Harold Abbott , who's insurance was terminated by William Easton based on a minor indiscretion Harold made on his original application. Tara and Brent woke up in a cage with a monitor showing them all of William's tests as well as one of two vats containing gallons of hydrofluoric acid and a control switch with the words 'LIVE' written above the handle and 'DIE' written below.

Tara's Test

Saw VI photo 03-535x351

Brent pulling the switch and killing William.

You killed my father, you motherfucker! Now you burn in hell.

Brent, yelling at William just before flipping the switch

Tara and Brent were revealed by the end of Saw VI to be the widow and teenage son of a Harold, whose health insurance policy was revoked by William Easton on a technicality, contributing to his death. They were captured and placed in one of two cages at the end of William's series of tests, with the other cage containing Pamela Jenkins . Once William reached the end, Tara and Brent were given the choice of sparing his life or ending it. Despite expressing anger for her husband's death, Tara could not bring herself to kill William. However, Brent could not forgive him and triggered the device himself, causing a bed of needles to swing down into William's back and inject him with hydrofluoric acid. Pamela, Tara, and Brent watched in horror as he dissolved from the inside out.

Saw 3D

Saw 3d tara

Tara in Bobby Dagen's survivor meeting.

Tara appeared as one of the survivors in Bobby Dagen's Self-help Guru. Although Devon Bostick was also offered to reprise his role as Brent, he was forced to turn it down due to schedule conflicts.


William Easton: Brent pulled the lever of the Fluoridric Acid Trap and kill him in Tara's Test.


  • In Jill's clinic in Saw IV you can see actor Devon Bostick in the backround during the fight between Cecil Adams and Gus Colyard. His character is created as Derek.
  • Brent was originally supposed to be much younger, closer to twelve years old. This would make him choosing to pull the lever and kill William Easton much more shocking. However, the producers deemed it too disturbing and had Brent be aged much older, up to seventeen. 

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