Tapp's Tests are divided in seven parts:
Tapp in his reverse bear trap

Similar to the Nerve Gas House in the second film, a large asylum was the location of an ongoing game involving multiple victims, puzzles, and traps, meant to test Detective Tapp. Tapp woke up in an abandoned asylum with a Reverse Bear Trap on his head and was forced to complete a puzzle in order to remove it. (after removing it you can find lawrence gordons foot) Tapp soon found that he had no other choice but to continue through the Asylum if he hoped to escape, but as he traversed the location, he found that there were other victims inside and that most of them were trying to kill him. Tapp discovered that the reason the other victims had turned against him was that Jigsaw, while treating his gunshot wound (from the original Saw movie), placed a key somewhere inside of his body and the key was the only way that the other victims could free themselves from their own traps, some traps more obvious than others. Tapp's game was meant to test how far he would go in his obsession to find and stop Jigsaw and to show Tapp how his obsession had hurt others. Most of Tapp's tests involved saving specific victims throughout the Asylum.

Hello Detective Tapp. I want to play a game. Your obsession with catching me has robbed you of your life and the lives of others. You abuse every resource available to you in your quest to find the truth. You have lost your family, your badge, even the life of your partner, Detective Sing. You have lost your health, whittled away by the bullet wound in your chest. But you have not given up, have you? Now we will see if you can overcome your obsession. No doubt you remember the device attached to your jaw. It is evidence left over from your investigation. Here's what happens if you lose. Free yourself from the device and pursue me, or sit there and let it tear you apart. The choice is yours. Jigsaw explaining the game

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