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Saw 3d suzanne (2)
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw 3D
Status Deceased
Died In Saw 3D
Cause of Death Impaled in eye sockets and mouth by metal spikes
Profession Bobby Dagen's lawyer
Role Test subject
Reason Tested Knew of Bobby's lies
Relationships Bobby Dagen (client)
Portrayed by Rebecca Marshall

Before you is your lawyer, who swore an oath of ethics, but chose to "See no evil", in order to benefit herself.

Bobby's tape in Suzanne's Test/Trap

Suzanne is a character appearing in Bobby Dagen's actual test game in Saw 3D, portrayed by Rebecca Marshall.

Verify Your Self-Worth Through Comittment

Suzanne was the defending lawyer of self-help guru, Bobby Dagen, professionally during his television broadcast of his inspirational novella S.U.R.V.I.V.E. and is behind the letter sentence door of V-1.

She was abducted and following Bobby Dagen's abduction and placed in the See No Evil Trap in the abandoned mental institution.

Bobby enters the room learning the rules of the test from Billy the Puppet who enters the room through the suspended cage which crashes through a window in the wall.

To save Suzanne, Bobby must lift up two metal poles weighed down with bricks by his shoulders, causing two others to stab him in the waist, stopping the trap as it wound Suzanne into three spiked metal poles directed at her eyes and mouth.

If Bobby could keep the poles supported for at least 30 seconds, Suzanne would be released from her bindings.

However Bobby is unable to support the weight long enough and the timer goes off leaving Suzanne to be skewered by the poles.

Bobby then continues onto the Hear No Evil room succeeded by the Wisdom Teeth Combination.


Suzanne, killed by the spikes in Saw 3D.

Affiliation with John Kramer

John Kramer, upon meeting Bobby at a book signing convention in 2004, briefly catches eyesight of publicist Nina, lawyer Suzanne, and best friend Cale, learning of their helpful indeciences aiding Bobby.

John selects them for a proposed game for Bobby later carried out by Mark Hoffman in 2006 as a means of extorting the police.

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