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After being successful in his goal of getting rid of Strahm, Mark withdraws from the Glass Coffin, and opens the walls of the Crushing Room where Strahm's crushed body is, after his body falls to the ground Mark notices that Strahm's hand remains intact Above the bars of the room, he then removes it from the bars and keeps it in storage in a freezer for later use in his next game

Pound of Flesh

A few weeks later, Hoffman prepares a new game, in which he captures Simone and Eddie, since both gave loans to people knowing that they could not pay back. The game consisted of both cutting parts of their bodies to play in the balance forward, otherwise the device in their heads would activate penetrating their skulls and killing them. Eddie then starts ripping off parts of her belly and throwing it on the balance, Simone then tries to rip her fingers off, but gives up, seeing the amount of flesh that Eddie has already put on the scale, Simone begins to pull the arm with the knife, soon after Eddie puts another piece on the balance, causing Simone to despair, cutting her arm with the butcher's knife next to her, and then she puts her arm in the balance, achieving the greatest weight, which results in the death of Eddie by the nails on his head. After his death Mark uses Strahm's hand and plants the fingerprints on Eddie's eyelids, and a print of the index finger on the scale.

Fingerprints Problem

After Eddie's death, Erickson finds the location of the game, and informs Hoffman that they found fingerprints in the crime scene, Hoffman then asks if they have already identified Erickson says they were from Agent Strahm, after which Erickson tells Hoffman he has something to Show him, Hoffman is then surprised by the presence of Agent Lindsey Perez, who was pronounced dead after the events of Saw IV , Erickson then invites Hoffman to work alongside them saying that he would say everything they knew to Hoffman. One week after Eddie's death, Doctor Adam Heffner performs the autopsy on his body and determines that the knife used to make the Jigsaw Piece in Eddie was not the same as that used by John Kramer,he says that John's knife was a scalpel and that the blade used to cut Eddie was a serrated knife, Hoffman then says that Strahm used a knife different from that of John Kramer, Perez and Erickson say that the only other victim who was cut with the same knife was Seth Baxter the A man who had killed Hoffman's sister, prompting Erickson and Perez to examine Baxter's tape to find evidence to prove Strahm's involvement with Jigsaw.A few hours after preparing William's Tests, Hoffman is called to be discussed the anomalies found in the Strahm digital. When he arrives at the police station Perez informs Hoffman that traces of a chemical element called halomethane R12 (Freon) in Strahm's fingerprints have been found, which leads Perez to question whether Strahm brought this with him, or contacted him later. Hoffman then asks Perez how Seth Baxter's tape investigation is going on, Perez replies that the voice has been altered to look like John Kramer's, but the tape has not been fully resolved, Erickson then calls Hoffman and Perez to the scene Where the tape is being examined.

Identity Revealed

After arriving in the place Erickson and Perez begin to argue with Hoffman which leads Erickson to tell Hoffman that Strahm may have killed Seth Baxter to make Hoffman suspect of being a Jigsaw accomplice but Erickson says Which has a problem in this since the levels of uric acid were inconsistent for an individual with active metabolism, he then tells Hoffman that it was not possible that Strahm's fingerprints were at the scene of the crime because he was already dead at the time, when Sachi Decodes the voice of the tape revealing Hoffman's voice, Mark then pulls a knife from his pocket and cuts off Erickson's jugular and throws his coffee at Perez before she can pull out her gun, when Perez tries to shoot Hoffman he uses Sachi as a human shield and after that stab Perez several times, and before she dies he asks who else knew about him, and Perez replies, "Everybody," Hoffman then kills her and goes to the trunk of his car where there was a small fridge Where Strahm's hand was kept, he then plants the prints on the spot and sets it on fire shortly thereafter. He then puts his hand in the trunk and returns to the Rowan Zoological Institute to oversee William's games.He is later attacked by Jill and placed in the Reverse Beartrap 2.0, and after escaping he goes to his hiding place, however after the events of Saw VI, Strahm's hand was possibly found by the police or destroyed by Hoffman later.

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