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Spike Trap
Appearances Saw IV
Also Known As SAVE AS I SAVE
Cupid's Arrows
Ties that Bind
Type of Trap Test
Victims Morgan and Rex
Created by John Kramer

An abusive husband, Rex, and his wife Morgan, were trapped in an abandoned classroom, with the words "SAVE AS I SAVE" written on a chalkboard for Rigg to see. Rex and Morgan were strapped to a column with numerous rods impaled through the two of them, holding them together, next to an overhead projector sitting atop a trolley.

An image of the human vascular system was projected onto a screen, showing the body's major veins and arteries, while numerous X-rays hung from the ceiling, showing the broken bones inflicted on Morgan by Rex. A sign scrawled on the wall, only viewable by Rex, read "YOUR LIFE IS IN HER HANDS". To escape, Morgan had to pull the rods from her body, but a tape chained to her wrist revealed that removing the rods would cause Rex to bleed to death, as the rods were pierced through major arteries in his body, as punishment for the abuse he inflicted on his wife and others, including his daughter. The rods, however, would only leave minor wounds on Morgan's body if she removed them, as none of her arteries would be harmed; however, if she failed to remove them, or remained inactive, she would eventually bleed to death.

The human body is a fascinating organism. It can withstand the most brutal injury... and yet repair itself miraculously. But you know this all too well. How many broken bones have you suffered at the hands of your husband? How many flesh wounds have you endured? With time, the bruises have healed, but your pain has not. Today, I empower you to take control of your life. Can you disconnect from the one thing that has brought you and others so much pain? With time, your wounds will heal. His, however, will not. Remove the ties that bind you...or bleed to death from your inactivity. The choice is yours...
— Jigsaw explaining the rules to Morgan[src]

She began pulling the rods out one by one, as her husband weakly attempted to stop them from exiting his wounds, but he ultimately failed and bled to death. Rigg discovered the couple still hanging from the ceiling, with the overall timer for his tests having counted down to 33:00. One last rod remained impaled through the two of them, and Morgan began to go into shock as she woke up. A tape revealed to Rigg that he had to decide whether or not to save Morgan, while also leading Rigg to find another photo of his wife. On the back of the photo, another message from Jigsaw read, "GO HOME", bearing the same font "G" as the knife from his first test and the shackle from the second test. Recalling a photo of John Kramer (Jigsaw) in front of the Gideon meat-packing plant, Rigg handed Morgan the key that would free her (the second key from his apartment meant to "save a life"). He left her to save herself by pulling the final rod out, (in the uncut version he pulls the rod out) and he pulled a fire alarm to alert the authorities to their location, before leaving the school and heading to the meat-packing plant. Morgan survived and claimed that Rigg saved her life.

The point of this test was to make Rigg see that he had to stand back and let each victim complete their own test, which was crucial in his next test.

Hello, Officer Rigg. What have you learned thus far? Experience is a harsh teacher. First comes the test, second comes the lesson. If you are to SAVE AS I SAVE, then you will see the person in front of you is but a student. So I ask you, Officer Rigg: Has the pupil learned her lesson? Has she been told the error of her ways? Does she now view the world differently? Officer Rigg, the key to this person's freedom lies in the palm of your hand, but only after she has done her own part. Can you play your role in her salvation? Once judgement has been made, though, the key to finding your next destination is just off the map.
— Jigsaw explaining the rules to Rigg[src]

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