Solomon was an accountant involved in a housing development project with John Kramer and Art Blank before the events that would turn John into Jigsaw. He was later responsible for using his accountancy role to hide the illegal money made by the drug cartel consisting of Henry Jacobs, Joseph Poltzer, Carla Song and Sarah Blalok, thus bringing him to Jigsaw's attention. When Michael Tapp meets him, Solomon is trapped in a mobile cage on a track filled with broken glass. Solomon and Michael must push their cages to the end of their tracks to free themselves. Solomon takes a head start and beats Michael, though the winner was supposed to push their cage to the end second, as Jigsaw quotes the tortoise and the hare, meaning that Solomon actually failed. Solomon is later found chained to a suspended cart set on a track filled with slowly-rising flames that will burn him alive unless Michael pushes him out of harm's way. Upon his release, he reveals the truth about the members of the drug cartel and that Michael's father accidentally stumbled on their operations during his search for Jigsaw. He is last seen being cornered by Pighead II and thrown into a pit of syringes. Pighead II then seals the door before Michael can enter, leaving the player to assume that Pighead II killed Solomon.

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