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or "The Silence Circle", "Speak No Evil" or "The Impalement Seat"

Inscribed on the door to this trap were the words: "Redefine your priorities"

Silence Circle
Appearances Saw 3D
Also Known As Fishing Line, Speak no Evil
Type of Trap Test
Victims Nina (deceased)
Created by Mark Hoffman
Redefine your priorities.
— Description on door

Saw 3D (HD) - Bobby's test - The Silence Circle AKA Speak No Evil04:48

Saw 3D (HD) - Bobby's test - The Silence Circle AKA Speak No Evil

Bobby enters a room and finds his publicist Nina, seated in a reclined chair, restrained and wearing a straight-jacket, with her chin angled towards the ceiling due to head gear holding it in place. Four metal rods are attached to a metal apparatus surrounding her, pointed towards her exposed neck and a string is visibly hanging out of her mouth. Bobby is told that he must pull out a key that is attached to a fishing hook resting in her stomach through her mouth within a sixty second time limit in order to unlock her bindings or the rods would slowly penetrate her throat. He is also told that whenever either of them make a noise reaching a certain frequency, the noise detector beside them would cause the spikes to advance forward, moving them closer, hastening Nina's death.

Hello Bobby. Before you is one of your trusted colleagues. She has been your publicist for years, knowing your lies, but choosing to "speak no evil". She has been richly rewarded for her words, but today, she will be rewarded for her silence. In the x-ray you will see a key, the key to Nina's survival, which will shut off her device. But there's a catch. You have one minute to pull the fish-hook from her stomach and unlock the device or else the four spikes will penetrate her throat, silencing Nina forever. Remember, the spikes will also advance each time the decibel level in this room rises above a whisper, killing her even sooner. Will Nina live or die Bobby? The choice is yours."
— Bobby Dagen's tape

Bobby makes numerous attempts to pull the fishing hook out through her mouth, but is forced to stop and quiet her each time she screams. In the end, Bobby manages to pull the hook hard enough to retrieve the flesh covered key, but Nina is ultimately killed because Bobby is unable to reach the lock to the device in time.


  • Like the main traps in Saw 3D, this trap alternative name, "Speak no Evil", may be a reference to the Three Wise Monkeys (Iwazaru, the one who covers his mouth), from the Japanese myth. In the Western world, their phrase is often used to refer to those who deal with impropriety by looking the other way, refusing to acknowledge it, or feigning ignorance.
  • The trap in the trailer is very different from the one shown in the movie, the trailer shows her body encased by a cage while the movie shows her in the straight jacket, without the cage.

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