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Biographical Information
Appearances Saw 3D
Status Alive
Profession Unknown
Role Test Subject
Reason Tested Relationship problems
Relationships Alex (boyfriend, Deceased)

Bobby Dagen (Leader of the surviving group)

Portrayed by Olunike Adeliyi

Sidney appears in a trap with her boyfriend Alex.


Sydney and Alex in the Lawnmowers

They are both forced to cling onto two identical ladders made of razor wire, suspended above several upturned lawnmowers.

Alex tries to knock Sidney off the ladder, but she knocks him off instead; causing him to fall to his death.


Sydney seconds after Alex is killed by the Lawnmowers

Sidney later reveals at the Saw survivor meeting that Alex was abusive towards her, and the trap "set her free" of him.

Simone degrades her; saying that it shouldn't have taken a Jigsaw trap for her to leave him.

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