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Shotgun Collar
Appearances Saw III, IV, V, VI, 3D
Also Known As Collar of Guns
Type of Trap Test
Victims Lynn Denlon (deceased)
Created by Amanda Young

Amanda placed a collar equipped with five loaded shotgun shells onto Lynn Denlon, a surgeon who was abducted from a local hospital. Jigsaw, at this point, is seen in critical condition, lying on a hospital bed, due to cancer slowly killing him. The hammers behind each shell were clicked back, and the collar was set to respond to Jigsaw's heart rate monitor. If he flat-lined, if Lynn moved out of range, or if the collar was removed incorrectly, the shells would detonate, killing her instantly. Lynn was forced to operate on Jigsaw to keep him alive long enough for another victim, Jeff Denlon, to complete his series of trials in the abandoned plant. When his tests were completed, Jigsaw ordered Amanda to remove the collar from Lynn, as she had fulfilled her task, however, Amanda refused. It was possible that this trap was inescapable, due to the fact that the trap was created by Amanda who at the time had been creating traps with no means of escape. This can be reinforced by a deleted scene in which Lynn managed to get the key to the collar from Amanda, only to find that it did not seem to fit in the lock. After an argument in the makeshift hospital room between Amanda and Jigsaw, Lynn was shot in the back by Amanda, as Jeff was arriving on the scene. Jeff was left with a final choice to kill Jigsaw or forgive him, not knowing that his death would result in Lynn's death, due to the collar. Lynn desperately tried to tell Jeff not to continue, but was wheezing and speaking incoherently from the blood loss. As Jigsaw's neck was slashed by Jeff with a circular saw, his heart rate monitor dipped and activated the collar on Lynn, which began to beep. As Jigsaw flat-lined, the collar fired the shells, blowing apart Lynn's head against the wall behind her.

See Jeff's Final Test and Amanda's Test.

Original Ideas: Originally, Lynn's collar was going to be more along the lines of a bomb, hence Jigsaw's line, "an explosion will go off in that collar". The collar would detonate, shaking the room, knocking the dead Jigsaw from his bed, and knocking Jeff unconscious.

I want to play a game. The rules of the game are simple. The consequences for breaking them are great: death. You're being tested. Your will is being tested, the will to keep someone alive. Can you do that? Can you follow the rules and grant someone the gift of life? The device you are wearing is linked to my heart rate monitor. The second that heart rate monitor flat lines, or you move out of range, an explosion will go off in that collar. Your life, and my life, will end simultaneously.
— Jigsaw explaining the rules in person[src]



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