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Security Officer
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw II
Status Alive
Profession Security Officer
Role Minor Character
Portrayed by Ho Chow
Sign these.
— The officer lets Eric sign the documents[src]

The Security Officer is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw II. He was portrayed by Ho Chow.


Daniel Matthews

The security officer was a man, who worked as a guard. One day, he caught Daniel Matthews, a petty thief. However, as Daniel was still a teenager, the officer called his father, Detective Eric Matthews. When the latter arrived shortly afterwards, the guard let him sign a few documents and then took him to his son. As Eric had signed the papers, he let him and Daniel go. (Saw II)


Not much can be said about the security officer's personality due to his short screen time.

Appearances and References

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