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Scalping Seat
Appearances Saw IV
Also Known As SEE WHAT I SEE
Hair Trap
Type of Trap Test
Victims Brenda (deceased)

A woman named Brenda was dressed in a red cloak and a pig mask, chained to a device with numerous gears and a dial. A tape recorder was duct-taped to the palm of her left hand, and her long hair was twisted though a metal ring and wound up along an axle connected to the gears. She was trapped in a room in Rigg's apartment with dozens of photos of herself pimping young girls, posted and hung around the room, with the words "SEE WHAT I SEE" scribbled above a bookcase beside her.

Rigg entered the room, setting off a digital timer which began counting down from 90:00, and found Brenda panicking, trying to escape from her chains. A television in front of her turned on, and Rigg was told by the Billy puppet that Brenda was a criminal, and he advised him to just walk away from the situation and let Brenda die instead of giving into his obsession with saving everybody. Rigg pulled the pig mask and cloak off of the woman, pulling a trigger-pin that was attached by a cord to the mask, activating the machine. A one-minute timer began counting down as the gears on the device began turning, arching Brenda's head back as her hair was pulled and wound along an axle.

After having her gag removed, Brenda screamed for help, telling Rigg to hurry, and that the combination for the dial was hidden on the gears. She continued to scream for help while Rigg scrambled around, looking for something to stop the device. Upon opening a drawer, he found a card that read "Time is wasting." Brenda's hairline began to rip and spurt blood before Rigg returned and tried shooting the machine with his Beretta, causing the machine to stall for a few seconds before it reactivated and continued to scalp Brenda. Rigg began reading numbers on the cogs twisting her hair and programmed the code, 6-4-7, into the dial on the machine, releasing Brenda, although half of her scalp had been torn from her head. While Rigg left the room and went to his bathroom to grab towels for Brenda, she was seen grabbing a knife from underneath the television set and attacked him when he returned to the room. After pulling on her hair and throwing her into a mirror, he took the knife from her, noticing a "G" written on it, and ripped the tape recorder from Brenda's hand. The tape revealed that Jigsaw had told her that Rigg was a police officer, and that if he was successful in saving her from the device, her test would begin, explaining that Rigg would use the incriminating photos of Brenda to sentence her. Jigsaw told her that her only solution to avoid jail-time was to kill Rigg with the knife.

Hello, Brenda. I want to play a game. An officer will try to save you. If he is successful, then your game begins. This man will use these photos to sentence you for your crimes, and the only way to stop him is taped underneath the TV. Let him save you and accept your fate and rot in prison...or kill him and guarantee your freedom. Make your choice.
— Brenda's tape[src]

Leaving Brenda bleeding on the floor, Rigg found a card, next to two keys, that read "One saves a life... one takes it away." The first key was for a room in Rigg's second test, while the second key was meant for Rigg's third test. When the police and FBI arrived at Rigg's apartment, they found Brenda dead from her injuries. They also found the words "FOUR WALLS BUILD A HOME" written in illuminated paint on Rigg's wall.

The point of this test was to show Rigg that Brenda was really a criminal, not a victim, as Rigg had originally believed, and to see her as Jigsaw saw her.

Officer Rigg, your first test. The person in front of you is in desperate need of help. But it is not your job to save them. You view this person as a victim, but if you were to SEE WHAT I SEE, beneath the mask is a criminal undeserving of the life she leads. Your obsession tells you to save the victim. I tell you to walk away. The choice is yours.
— Rigg's tape[src]


  • If Rigg had walked away as the video told him, the trap would not have switched on, as once Rigg took off the cloak, the trap started.

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