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Saw VI is the sixth installment to the Saw film series. It was released in theaters on October 23, 2009, following the tradition of releasing a Saw film every year on the Friday before Halloween. The film was directed by Kevin Greutert, who was the editor of Saw through V. Saw VI was distributed by Lions Gate.


Simone and Eddie, two predatory lenders, are placed in head harnesses with screws poised to drill into their skulls. The person who cuts off more weight in body parts in 60 seconds will live, while the other will be killed by the screws. The overweight Eddie slices fat from his belly, but Simone chops off her arm to tip the scale in her favor and save herself.

Meanwhile, Mark Hoffman escapes the glass coffin from Saw V, and leaves after discovering Peter Strahm's dead body. Dan Erickson heads up the FBI’s investigation into Eddie’s death, with fingerprints of Peter Strahm being found at the scene. He shares this information with Lt. Mark Hoffman and also reveals that Lindsey Perez – thought to have been killed by the exploding Billy doll – is alive and still on the case. Erickson apparently lied about her death to keep her safe. Erickson implies it is to keep her safe from Strahm. Hoffman secretly meets with Jill Tuck, who hands him five envelopes from the box given to her by John Kramer's lawyer, and he takes control of a Jigsaw game the two have been planning.

This game focuses on William Easton, an executive at a health insurance company. He and his subordinates (also called the Dog Pit) decide whom to cover based strictly on probabilities of health or illness, and he turned down one of John’s claims for this very reason. William has created the probability formula that determines coverage or rejection. As Jigsaw sticks to the rules of his games, William sticks to his formula. William is captured, taken to an abandoned zoo, and suspended in a large vice clamped around his chest, with a breathing mask over his face. A second man, the office janitor and a heavy smoker, is in the same situation. William must complete four tests in 60 minutes in order to remove the bombs strapped to his arms and legs before they explode. In the first one, whenever either man takes a breath, the vise on his chest will tighten; William is able to hold his breath longer than the janitor, whose ribcage is soon fatally crushed. For the second test, William must pick up the ends of two chains, which are connected to the platforms on which his young file clerk and his older secretary are standing with barbed wire nooses around their necks. To move on, he must drop one chain and let that person die. He chooses to save the secretary, who has a family, while the file clerk bleeds and strangles to death when his platform retracts.

In the zoo’s boiler room for the third test, Debbie, the company attorney, has 90 seconds to run a caged-in maze and find the key to remove a device on her chest that will impale her brain. To help her, William opens valves and diverts jets of steam away from her path and onto his body. At the end of the run, Debbie learns from X-ray films that the key to her device has been implanted in William’s torso; she attacks him with a circular saw in an attempt to retrieve it, but her timer goes off and she is killed. In the fourth test, William finds six of his junior co-workers chained to a carousel and facing a shotgun. He may choose two people to live, by pushing buttons that will drive spikes into his hands, while the other four will be killed. After listening to their accusations and bickering, he eventually makes his two choices and moves on, reaching the end of his path with one second to spare.

He finds himself standing between two cages, with Pamela Jenkins (his sister) in one of them and a mother and son, Tara and Brent, in the other. These latter two are the family of a man to whom William denied coverage and who later died from his illness. Each cage contain a large tank of hydrofluoric acid; Tara and Brent find a large switch whose positions are labeled “Live” and “Die.” This test is meant for them, and they have the chance to spare his life. Tara cannot bring herself to pull the switch, but Brent readily shifts it to “Die,” causing a set of needles to swing down into William’s body and pump the acid into him. Pamela watches in horror as he dissolves from the inside out.

Flashbacks during the course of these tests reveal that William and John first met when Jill opened her drug clinic, and that John introduced Amanda Young to Jill as proof that his method of rehabilitation could really work. In addition, Hoffman and Amanda knew about each other’s work as a Jigsaw apprentice, and John had already made advance plans for Jill to avoid suspicion after his death.

Erickson and Perez continue their investigation and obtain the videotape from the death of Seth Baxter causing Hoffman to grow increasingly nervous that his secret is about to be revealed. Erickson and Perez tell Hoffman that after testing Strahm's fingerprints they found he didn't have an active epidermal metabolism, meaning he was already dead when the fingerprints were left. Right after they reveal this, the tech finishes unscrambling Hoffman’s distorted voice. Hoffman slices Erickson's throat and throws coffee in Perez's face, blinding her. Hoffman uses the lab tech as a shield against Perez's shots. He then stabs her repeatedly and asked who know about him. She replies "Everyone." Hoffman says, "You lie." He then turns the knife, killing her. Next, he plants Strahm’s prints in the room and sets it on fire. Perez and the tech are already dead, but Erickson is still alive (barely). He is burnt to death.

Returning to his observation room in the zoo, Hoffman is attacked by Jill, to whom Pamela gave a copy of the letter from him to Amanda (as seen in Saw III). Hoffman knew about her responsibility for the clinic robbery in which Jill lost her baby, and he would tell John about it unless Amanda killed Lynn Denlon. Jill straps Hoffman to a chair and places an updated Reverse Beartrap device on his head, telling him that John’s last request – in an envelope she did not give him – was to capture him. After she leaves, Hoffman uses the trap’s weight to break one of his hands so he can get out of the straps, then jams the front portion into the door’s window frame. When the timer runs out, the trap springs slightly apart, caught in the bars. Hoffman slips out, and screams in pain with one side of his mouth ripped open.

After the credits of the DVD version of the movie finishes, Amanda can be seen talking to Jeff's daughter (Corbett Denlon) through a keyhole, who is still locked up. This scene probably took place sometimes or during the events in Saw III. The distraught Amanda can be heard saying: "Remember, don't trust the one who saves you. Don't trust the one who saves you!" A brief scene where Hoffman is carrying Jeff's daughter from the Gideon warehouse after the events of Saw IV is shown.


On June 22, 2007, producer Oren Koules confirmed that the sixth installment was being written,[1][2] with Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, the writers of Saw IV and Saw V, later being confirmed as the writers of the film.[3]

Tobin Bell has stated that he has signed on for a total of five sequels,[4] while Costas Mandylor has also signed up for the next installment in the horror franchise.[5]

The winner of the VH1 reality show Scream Queens Tandera Howard won a role in the film. The show was co-hosted by Shawnee Smith, who played Amanda Young in the Saw films.[6]

Recently, a motion-poster was released for the film. The poster shows a great mass of people walking onto the screen and assembling themselves into the shape of Jigsaw's head.

The official promotional poster has also been released. The poster shows 6 people on a roundabout like object with "VI" displayed underneath them. Fans believe this is the so called "Carousel Trap" that has been mentioned by a Saw VI crew member.

A video clip of the Carousel Trap was released a month or two before the film's release. The clip features the character William opening the door to the trap room and seeing 6 of his colleagues on the spinning carousel. Jigsaw explains the rules of the trap and a victim is killed. Before another is shot by the mounted gun, she screams for William to press the button just as the gun begins to load. The scene ends with a shot of the title Saw VI.


Jigsaw/John Tobin Bell
Hoffman Costas Mandylor
Erickson Mark Rolston
Jill Betsy Russell
Amanda Shawnee Smith
William Peter Outerbridge
Agent Perez Athena Karkanis
Pamela Jenkins Samantha Lemole
Simone Tanedra Howard
Eddie Marty Moreau
Allen Shawn Ahmed
Addy Janelle Hutchison
Hank Gerry Mendicino
Debbie Caroline Cave
Harold George Newbern
Tara Shauna MacDonald
Brent Devon Bostick
Dave Darius McCrary
Josh Shawn Mathieson
Gena Melanie Scrofano
Shelby Karen Cliche
Aaron James Gilbert
Emily Larissa Gomes
Newscaster Dan Duran
Cecil Billy Otis
Coroner James van Patten
Female Addict Jon Mack
Male Addict Francois Sagat
Clinic Nurse Elle Downs
Irate Clinic Woman Tenika Davis
Security Guard Karl Campbell
Sachi Ginger Busch
Female Officer Jessie Rusu
Tim Mpho Koaho


Prior to Saw VI's release, various rumours spread about the film and the future of the franchise.

The Last Saw Film?

It was thought by fans that this might have be the last Saw film in the series. This was due to Tobin Bell's (Jigsaw) contract that he had signed on for 5 sequels since Saw, which brings him up to this film, and nothing has been said of him signing on for further sequels.

However, it was confirmed by Lionsgate in October of 2009 that one more sequel would be commissioned, with Saw 3D beginning filming in January 2010 with the traditional October release date. Saw 3D was also confirmed to be the first 3D installment of the series.

Saw VIII was confirmed to come out in 2011, to the extent that Tobin Bell signed a contract for 3D and VIII. However early 2010, producers said that Saw VIII wouldn't be made, and the plot for that film would be incorporated into Saw 3D. VIII would have revealed the fate of Dr. Gordon, who initially hasn't been seen since Saw, but his fate was revealed in Saw 3D.


Saw VI: Original Motion Picture Score

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