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This is a complete recap of all seven entries in the Saw film series for those of you who have not seen the films or who have missed out on a few.


Saw is the first entrie in the series and follows two men, Adam Stanheight and Dr. Lawrence Gordon who
Adam (3)

Adam in the Bathroom trap

awaken sealed in a subterranean chamber. Dr. Gordon is instructed to execute Adam, otherwise his family would be murdered and he would be left there to rot. The two figure out pretty quickly that they have just become the newest victims of an infamous killer dubbed 'The Jigsaw Killer' by the media. As they try to think of alternate escape routes they recall there abductions through a series of flashbacks. Sub Plot: Retired Detective David Tapp is obsessed with pinning the Jigsaw Killer holding him accountable for the death of his late partner Detective Steven Sing.

Ending: Detective Tapp rescues Gordon's family from Zep Hindle who is monitoring Adam and Lawrence's "game".' He chases Zep to the sewers where the current game is taking place. Zep enters the chamber after killing Tapp and as he prepares to kill Lawrence who failed to complete his task in time, he is blindsided by Adam who kills him instead. Lawrence cut off his foot in a desperate attempt to rescue his family and leaves promising to return with help. Adam discovers a tape instructing Zep to kill Lawrence's family If he failed to kill Adam in time. Just then the Jigsaw Killer (now revealed to be a cancer patient of Lawrence named John Kramer) rises to his feet having been posing as a dead body for the whole movie. He leaves the room leaving Adam to wither away in the chamber.

Important Character's to acknowledge:

  • Adam Stanheight: One of the two primary characters. Adam is left to rot and his fate is left unknown until the second film.
  • Dr. Lawrence Gordon: One of the two primary characters. Lawrence leaves after cutting off his foot and his fate remains a mystery until the final film in the series.
  • John Kramer/ The Jigsaw Killer: John is briefly introduced in this film but as the series progresses his role in the films become crucial to the plot.
  • Amanda Young: The only survivor of a Jigsaw trap. Like John her role in the first film is minor but she becomes a principle character in the films that follow.

Saw II

Six months after the first film, Detective Eric Matthews leads a SWAT team to an abandoned steel mill were

Gus, Daniel, Jonas, Amanda, Laura and Addison in The Nerve Gas House.

they find John Kramer weakend due to the effects of cancer. John tells Matthews that his son Daniel is trapped in a house along with seven other captives,which is being pumped with gas. He goes on to tell him that if he simply converses with him for two hours he will see his son again. Matthews agrees buying time for the tech team to arrive and trace the signal feed. Sub plot: Meanwhile, in the house the captives are told there are several antidotes hidden around the house. The catch is that in order to retrieve them they must undergo deadly obstacles.

Ending: Matthews loses his patients forcing Kramer to take him to the house (allowing him to elude arrest). The tech team arrives and trace the feed to a similar house playing back pre-recorded tapes, revealing the events that took place in the house occurred before the factory raid. Just then a two hour timer expires, and a safe, containing Daniel, opens up. Eric and John arrive at the house and Eric enters alone, finding a secret passage leading to the bathroom were Adam and Lawrence's test took place. He is sedated and wakes up trapped. Amanda Young (Jigsaw's only survivor) reveals she has become John's protege and will continue his work long after he is gone, before sealing Matthews in the chamber.

Important Character's to acknowledge:

  • Detective Eric Matthews: The main focus of this film. He is a corrupt and brutal cop with a short temper; this is partly because he is in the middle of a divorce and has a crumbling relationship with his teenaged son, Daniel. He was being tested on his ability to keep his cool which he ultimately failed.
  • Daniel Matthews: Eric's son who has a rocky relationship with his father. Daniel is the only survivor of the gas house besides Amanda Young, who is later revealed to have been a part of the trap at all; she was only there to ensure Daniel's survival. Daniel is never seen or heard from again through out the entire series unless it is in a flashback or archive footage.
  • Daniel Rigg: A member of the SWAT team that raids John's factory, and a long time friend of Eric's. His role in this film is minor but his role becomes more important in later films.
  • Allison Kerry: She has been working on the Jigsaw case from square one, working along side Detectives David Tapp and Steven Sing since Saw one.


Jeff Denlon wakes up in a meat packing plant and is told via cassette player that since his sons death he 

Jeff Denlon

has been overcome with grief and vengence, causing his relationship with his wife and daughter to crumble. He is told that he will come face to face with all of those who had something to do with the death of his son, and will be forced to choose between forgiving them, or allowing them to die in their individual traps. Sub plot: Meanwhile depressed Dr. Lynn Denlon is abducted by John and instructed to keep him alive for the duration of Jeff's game. If she moves out of range, or  if John's heart rate monitor flat line then the collar will fire five shot gun shells at her head.

Ending: Amanda refuses to let Lynn go believing she hasn't learned anything from her test and shoots her. Jeff, whose tests are completed, retaliates by shooting and killing Amanda. John tells Jeff that for his final test, he must forgive him. Jeff tells him he forgive him before slashing his throat. Before dying John plays a tape telling Jeff he has shown he could not learn to forgive, and thus failed his test. The tape goes on to say that his daughter is in an undisclosed location, and Jeff must participate in another game if he ever wants to see her again. At that moment John's heart rate moniter flat lines, causing the door to seal itself, and  Lynn's collar to explode.

Important Character's to acknowledge:

Jeff Denlon: Jeff is the primary protagonist of Saw III. Jeff had become obsessed with finding the man who killed his son and was being tested on his ability to forgive which he failed.

Lynn Denlon: Jeff's estranged wife.

Saw IV

Peter Strahm in Saw V

Peter Strahm

Officer Rigg has been unable to let go, following the long absence of his friend / partner Detective Eric Matthews. Rigg awakens in his apartment and is told that if he ever wants to see Matthews again he will have to go through a set of trials, in which he would have to see the world through Jigsaws eyes, and see the victims as Jigsaw does. Sub plot: Special Agent Peter Strahm and his partner Agent Perez begin investigating the Jigsaw murders, but soon find out they are Jigsaw's next targets.

Ending: Rigg completes his test finding Matthews, and inadvertently causing his death. Detective Mark Hoffman reveals he has been working alongside Jigsaw from square one, helping him build traps from the very begginning and leaves Rigg to die, having failed to learn he can't save everyone. Meanwhile, after Perez is sent to the hospital in critical condition, Strahm's investigation leads him to the meat packing plant were he tracks Jeff Denlon. Jeff waves his gun in Stahm's face, menacingly demanding to know were his daughter is and Strahm shoots him in self-defense. After leaving Rigg to die, Hoffman seals Strahm in the room with the dead bodies of Jeff, Lynn, John, and Amanda.

Important Character's to acknowledge:

  • Special Agent Peter Strahm: Strahm is a short tempered cop newly assigned to the Jigsaw case along with his partner Agent Perez. Strahm becomes the main focus of Saw V.
  • Special Agent Lindsey Perez: Perez is Strahm's partner. She is sent to the hospital in critical condition near the end of the film and her fate is left unknown until Saw VI.
  • Detective Mark Hoffman: Hoffman was briefly shown in Saw III investigating a crime scene. He has a larger role in Saw IV, and it is revealed later on that he has actually been helping Jigsaw all along. He becomes the primary antagonists following Jigsaw's death.
  • Jill Tuck: Jill is Jigsaw's ex-wife. She was briefly seen in a flashback during Saw III. She reveals how John came to become the infamousJigsaw Killer.

Saw V

Stahm manages to escape the meat packing plant, and begins his own investigation believing Hoffman has
Brit, Charles, Mallick and Luba

Brit, Charles, Mallick and Luba in the Ceiling Jars trap

something to do with the murders. Sub plot: Meanwhile, five people who all had something to do with a fire that killed eight people awaken in an underground sewage system. They all complete a series of three tests, with one person dying in each test allowing the others to move on.

Ending: In the final room the two remaining people learn they were all supposed to work together to complete each task and they barley make it out of the final room alive. They are later found by Special Agent Erickson barley conscious. Strahm follows Hoffman to the newly renivated gas house, where he finds a cassette player instructing him to enter a glass box. Strahm refuses, throwing Hoffman into the box instead. The box is lowered safley into the ground as the walls close in on Strahm, crushing him to death. Strahm is framed for the murders, leaving Hoffman is free to continue Jigsaw's work.

Important Character's to acknowledge:

  • Mallick: Among the two survivors at the end of the film. Mallick was responsible for a fire that killed eight people. At the end of the film he is forced to give up near 10 pints of blood by sawing his right arm in half. He is barley conscious when found by Erickson. He is seen again in Saw: The Final Chapter among other survivors at a self-help meeting.
  • Brit: Brit is among the two survivors at the end of the film, and is partially responsible for a fire that killed 8 people. She is forced to give up near 10 pints of blood in order to survive the final test. Although losing a substantial amount of blood, Mallick's injuries are far worse. It is unknown why she does not appear in Saw: The Final Chapter.

Saw VI

William Easton is the executive of Umbrella Health, a health insurance company,  targeted by Jigsaw for denying two-thirds of all

William Easton

applicants health coverage (including John himself). He awakens in an abandoned zoo and is forced to go through a series of four trials, in which he must choose which of his co-workers gets to live or die, similar to his companies policy which inherently kill the rejected. Sub Plot: Skeptical of Agent Peter Strahm's involvment in the murders, Erickson and Perez (who is revealed to be alive), continue their investigation, employing Hoffnan's help.

Ending: Hoffman kills Erickson and Perez after they discover Hoffman is Jgsaw's accomplice. William completes his test but finds himself face-to-face with Tara and Brent Abbot, the wife and son of the late Harold Abbott, a man who had been denied coverage in the past and eventually died of heart disease. They are given the option to let William live or die. Although Tara cannot bring herself to do it, Brent decides to kill William by triggering a platform of needles to swing down, and pump him with hydrofluoric acid, melting him from the inside out. Meanwhile, Jill Tuck places the reverse bear trap on Hoffman as one of John's final requests, which he escapes injured.

Important Character's to acknowledge:

  • William Easton: The main focus of Saw VI. William is responsible for denying two thirds of all applicants health coverage leading to him being targeted by Jigsaw. He is forced to decide which of his co-workers are worthy of life and death until he himself is decided unworthy of life and killed by Brent Abbot in his final test.

John to William: "You think it is the living who will have the ultimate judgement over you because the dead will have no claim over your soul... but you may be mistaken."

  • Tara and Brent: The wife and son of Harold Abbot who died shortly after being denied health coverage by William. Brent shows no mercy nor remorse when it comes to killing William. Tara is shown again breifly in Saw: The Final Chapter among other survivors.
  • Simone: A predatory lender who survived a jigsaw trap by severing her left arm. She beleives that the trap taught her nothing about appreciating life. She is seen again in Saw: The Final Chapter among the other survivors.

Saw: The Final Chapter

This is the final entrIe in the saw film series. Bobby Dagen haS earned fame and fortune by falsely stating that he
Bobby watches

Bobby watches in horror and attepts to save Joyce from the Brazen Bull

survived a Jigsaw trap. Bobby is targeted by Jigsaw and placed in an abandoned insane asylum were he must go through a series of three trials, in which he comes face to face with all of those who were aware of his lies, but instead indulged in the lie for there own personal gain. Sub plot: Jill witnesses Hoffmans escape from the reverse bear trap, and incriminates him in exchange for immunity and protection. Meanwhile, Hoffman tracks her down, while Internal Affairs officer Matt Gibson attempts to find Hoffman, and the location of Bobby's game.

Ending: Bobby completes his tests, making his way to the final stage were he finds his wife Joyce. In order to save her he must complete the test he claimed to have survived. He ultimately fails resulting in his wife's demise, leaving Bobby to live with the guilt. Hoffman infultrates police headquarters, and gains access to Jill's holding cell. After killing Jill with the reverse bear trap, Hoffman burns down his warehouse destroying all evidence of his involvement in the killings, and prepares to leave town. Before he can leave,  Hoffman is ambushed by Dr. Gordon, revealing he has been working with John as well following the events of the first film. Hoffman is brought to the bathroom trap from the first film, and is left there to die, thus ending Jigsaw's games....

Important Character's to acknowledge:

  • Bobby Dagen: A fraud who claimed to have survived a Jigsaw trap.
  • Joyce Dagen: Bobby's wife and the only one who was not in on the lie he had created.
  • Matt Gibson: An internal affairs officer who agrees to give Jill police protection and immunity for her testimony. Gibbons is killed by a booby trapped turret gun along with several other officers at the end of the film.
  • Brad and Ryan: Brad and Ryan survive the public execution trap. They are seen again at the end of the film assisting Dr. Gordon in capturing Hoffman although there faces are concealed by pig masks.

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