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On November 5, 2013 it was reported that lionsgate is currently "actively developing" an eigth Saw film.  The studio is seeking a "new direction" for the film and is waiting to hear the "perfect  take to move forward".

According to Schmoes Know, co-producer Daniel J. Heffner has revealed that an eighth film is currently in development.[1]



Proposed plot (comment if you like it)Edit

The movie opens with Hoffman in the bathroom trap. He looks around , then decides to try picking the lock. He successfully does so, and walks out, muttering his cries upon revenge.

Meanwhile, the detectives look at the body of Jill Tuck. The TDI (Teens Department of Investigation) arrive, lead by an aggressive Afton Kerry, who claims Jill is his aunt. With him are Amanda Young's cousins, Annalise and Jason Young, and Jason's girlfriend and daughter of Lynn and Jeff, Corbett (but when she joined the TBI, she changed it to Beth. JUST BETH).

Beth mentions that there are only two suspects she has: Hoffman, and Afton's twin sister Maria Baxter (when Afton joined the TDI, he changed his last name from Baxter to Kerry). Maria is Hoffman's apprentice. Afton goes home and is attacked and sedated by Maria.

Afton wakes up in the angel trap. He realizes he was attacked by Jigsaw, and during the instructions, makes sarcastic comments.

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