Sarah was a drug addict, drug dealer, and an informant of David Tapp. David gave her a second chance by helping her escape from her previous life. Following his death, however, she began to fall back to her previous lifestyle. She blames Michael Tapp for betraying his father and contributing to his suicide. Michael finds her trapped in a sealed tank slowly filling with water and is forced to solve a puzzle to free her before she drowns. Though initially hostile toward Michael, she later becomes more friendly, explaining that his father loved Michael even after his betrayal. She was revealed to be part of a criminal conspirancy alongside Carla Song, Henry Jacobs, and Joseph Poltzer, her role being to sell drugs on the street. While searching for Jigsaw, David Tapp discovers their drug cartel and that Sarah was used to mislead him though she was aware that David didn't care about the cartel because of his obsession with Jigsaw. Through her own admission, it is revealed that she had feelings for David. She is found by Joseph Poltzer as she is about to disclose the identity of Pighead II. Joseph sneaks up on Sarah and shoots her in the head.

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