It is the professional meaning of Dr. Samuel Cuomo, Police Psychiatrist, that Detective David Tapp is no longer fit to carry out his duties for the city.
— An excerpt from David Tapp's letter of resignation[src]

Dr. Samuel Cuomo is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He is one of the unseen characters in the series.


The Jigsaw Case


Tapp's letter of resignation

Dr. Samuel Cuomo was a police psychiatrist working for the Metropolitan Police Department. Therefore it was his duty to evaluate the mental state of police authorities as well as their further fitness for work after traumatic experiences. On one occasion he had to furnish an opinion on the fitness of work of Detective David Tapp, the lead investigator in the Jigsaw Case, after the death of his partner, Detective Steven Sing, who died during a raid on the Jigsaw Killer's hideout in an abandoned mannequin factory. Cuomo eventually came to the conclusin that Tapp was no longer fit to carry out his duties as a detective, which ultimately resulted in Tapp's discharge from the force. (Full Disclosure Report)

Full Disclosure Report

An excerpt from David Tapp's letter of resignation, in which Dr. Cuomo was mentioned, was shown in the documentary Full Disclosure Report, hosted by TV moderator Rich Skidmore. The documentary focused on the early crimes of Jigsaw. (Full Disclosure Report)

Appearances and References

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