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Rowan Zoological Institute
Appearances Saw VI, 3D
Location Unknown
Owner John Kramer
Games & Traps William's Tests
Oxygen Crusher
The Gallows
Steam Maze
Shotgun Carousel
Tara's Test
Reverse Beartrap
Status Inactive

The Rowan Zoological Institute is an abandoned wildlife center, used by Jigsaw for William Easton's tests. 

Saw VI

In Saw VI, William awakes in one of the rooms attatched to a vise. He has to endure a competition trap with Hank where one of them must hold their breaths for a long time or else the vise closes in on their chests. After surviving the trap, and witnessing Hank's death, William is forced to progress and find 4 keys in 1 hour or the bombs strapped to his limbs will detonate. The following traps he experiences in the zoo are:

Along with William, a mother and her son are trapped in the zoo in a cage. With them, behind a wall, also in a cage is William's sister Pamela. They are forced to watch William's progress along with Hoffman, who is watching them behind a 2-way glass mirror. 

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