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Reverse Beartrap
Trap ReverseBear
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Type of Trap
Generic, Execution
David (survived), Amanda Young (survived; deceased), David Tapp (survived; deceased), Mark Hoffman (survived; deceased), Jill Tuck (deceased)

The Reverse Beartrap is a mechanical contraption which is attached to a victim's head, and if the victim fails to unlock and remove it before the timer goes off, it will kill them by ripping their jaws open. Along with The Bathroom, the Reverse Beartrap is the most popular trap in the entire series.


Saw (2003 Short film)Edit

The film begins with a young man named David in an interrogation room talking to An unnamed interrogator. David is in handcuffs, and he is smoking a cigarette. According to his story, to his left was a small television, which began playing a video showing a frightening puppet that tells him that the device on his head is a "reverse beartrap", which is hooked into his jaws and will pry his face open with great force if he does not unlock it in time. The dummy tells David that the only key to unlock the device is in the stomach of his dead cellmate.

David is able to break free of his bonds, but by doing so he sets off a timer on the back of the device. Across the room, he finds the body that the puppet mentioned, but also finds that the man is actually alive but under paralysis. David panics, and slices into the man's stomach anyway. After finding the key, David unlocks the device and throws it to the ground, just as it snaps open. David escapes death from the device.

David begins screaming and weeping in horror. At the entrance to the room, the puppet from the video appears on a tricycle. He congratulates David on surviving, and tells her that she has proven he is no longer ungrateful for being alive.

The movie ends with the interrogator asking "Are you grateful, David?" causing him to again break down.


Hello, Amanda. You don't know me but I know you. I want to play a game. Here's what happens if you lose. The device you're wearing is hooked into your upper and lower jaws. When the timer at the back goes off, your mouth will be permanently ripped open. Think of it like a reverse bear trap. Here, I'll show you. There is only one key to open the device. It's in the stomach of your dead cellmate. Look around, Amanda; know that I'm not lying. Better hurry up. Live or die, make your choice.

Jigsaw explain the rules

Amanda Young was put in the Reverse Beartrap, unintentionally setting it off by pulling a cable attached to the back wall triggering a timer. She was able to remove the key from the paralyzed Donnie Greco's insides by cutting him open with a scalpel, and unlocked and removed the Beartrap seconds before it went off.

When Dr. Gordon examines John Kramer's cancer, you can see a drawing of the Reverse Beartrap on the table in front of his bed. This suggests that John is working on a modified version of the Beartrap used in Saw VI for Hoffman's Test.

Saw II Edit

The Reverse Beartrap on Amanda Young was seen several times in archive footage to Amanda's test.

Saw IIIEdit

Lynn Denlon found a Reverse Beartrap in Jigsaw's lair on a mannequin head. She investigated the device, accidentally setting it off. Shortly after this, Amanda talks to Lynn about it, and a flashback is shown to Amanda's experience with the trap.

Saw VIEdit

As part of Jigsaw's final request, Jill puts Hoffman in a modified version of the Reverse Beartrap with no apparent means of escape; however he was able to get free from the chair by smashing his hand with the front of the trap, and by placing the Reverse Beartrap between two bars on a window, preventing it from opening up all the way, and was then able to remove it. He did not escape unscathed however, as half of his lower jaw was mutilated.

Saw 3DEdit

To get Jill back, Hoffman puts Jill in the original Reverse Beartrap used for Amanda's test in Saw. Unfortunately she didn't escape. We all finally saw what the effects the Reverse Bear Trap caused on a human.




  • It should be noted that even though The Reverse Beartrap is one of the only Saw traps to be featured in more than one of the series' films, it has only ever claimed one victim, Jill Tuck, and that was because Hoffman rigged it so that Jill couldn't escape.
  • In Saw II, a drawing of The Reverse Beartrap can be seen on a billboard in Jigsaw's hideout. Next to it is a picture of a football helmet. This strongly implies that this is what the trap was based on.
  • In The First Saw movie, when Amanda is seen wearing it, the trap would not have gone off if she did not get up from her seat, because when the wire was removed, the timer on the trap would be activated.
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