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Renato Guedes (born 1980) is a comic book artist, currently under contract for DC Comics. Guedes is slated to be the ongoing artist for Superman.
Renato Guedes

Renato Guedes


Personal life

Renato Guedes was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1980.[1] Guedes began studying art in 1999 at Fabrica de Quadrinhos (currently known as the Quanta Academy of Arts). There, he studied comic art. Before he became an artist, Guedes was a publicist agent, occasionally illustrating covers for the Opera Graphica.


Enlarge Cover of Action Comics #850, featuring art by Renato Guedes.Guedes has done some work for Avatar Press, with their StarGate SG-1 and Saw: Rebirth titles. He also did the art on 24: One Shot for IDW Publishing. Guedes is currently signed exclusively with DC Comics, and has worked on Action Comics, Smallville, Superman, OMAC and Supergirl.


Comics work (interior pencil art) includes: [2]


  • Action Comics #810, 821, 836, 873 (among other artists); #838-839, 847, 850, 874 (full art) (2004-06)
  • DCU: Brave New World (OMAC) #1 (2006)
  • Green Arrow and Black Canary #26 (2010)
  • JSA 80-Page Giant #1 (among other artists) (2010)
  • OMAC, miniseries, #1-4, 6-7 (2006-07)
  • Smallville #2-4, 8 (2003-04)
  • Supergirl, vol. 4, #20-22 (2007)
  • Superman #629, 647, 674, 677-683, 686-689 (full art); #631, 637, 645, 675, 691 (among other artists) (2004-09)
  • Superman, vol. 2, Annual #13-14 (full art); #226 (among other artists) (2006-09)
  • Superman/Batman Annual #4 (2010)
  • Superman/Batman Secret Files (Lex Luthor) 2003
  • Superman: New Krypton Special (among other artists) (2008)

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