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Tara's Test Public Execution Trap Horsepower Trap

or "The Welthammer Trap", "Love Triangle" or "The Sliding Saws"

This trap takes place in a public square (being the only one on record to do so), specifically in a window display with bulletproof glass. Two men, Brad and Ryan, wake up chained to either end of a table with a circular saw resting in front of each person, aimed at their chests, and a third circular saw on a large pivot in the center, pointed towards the ceiling. A woman named Dina is revealed to be suspended above the center saw and restrained to a large, hanging board. Billy the Puppet then appears on his tricycle and reveals that Dina slept with both men, manipulating their love for her own material gain, making each commit undisclosed crimes in the process. Billy goes on to say that one person from the triad must die in this trap.

Hello, Brad. Hello, Ryan. I want to play a game. The same woman has played each of you for fools, manipulating your love for her and causing nothing but pain. Her fun and games pushed you both to break the law to fulfill her material needs. She is toxic. And today, all of your crimes will be made public. Now you will choose who will drop out of this triangle, for within sixty seconds, one of you must die. If you wish to save the person you both so desperately love, then the saws must be pushed all the way to one side or the other, sparing her while proving who is indeed the alpha male. Are you both strong enough to walk away from what is destroying you, or will you fight one more time for the heart that binds? You have sixty seconds to decide. Live or die. Make your choice."

— Hoffman explain the rules to Brad and Ryan

The three blades begin to spin, and the two men notice that the blades on the ends of the table are connected to a single sliding platform that they are both chained to. Likewise, they realize that pushing the sliding platform to one end of the table or the other causes the middle blade to drop, protecting Dina, but causing one of the other two saws to cut into one of the men. The two are forced to either push the circular saws toward the person on the opposite end of the table within 60 seconds, killing him and sparing Dina, or to do nothing while Dina is lowered onto the center saw and sliced in half at her midsection.

The trap begins with Brad and Ryan fighting to push the saws toward one another, with Brad initially gaining the upper hand. Dina begins to cheer for Brad, which enrages Ryan, giving him the strength he needs to push the saws toward Brad, cutting into his chest, but only inflicting a minor injury. Dina, realizing that Brad may lose the fight, then begins to cheer for Ryan. At this point, both men decide that Dina is not worth the struggle and that she has been lying to both of them the whole time. Dina shouts at them "What are you doing you fucking assholes?!" to be answered with "I think we're breaking up with you, Dina!" by Ryan. The game ends with Brad and Ryan deciding to stop fighting, allowing Dina to be lowered onto, and subsequently sliced in half by, the center saw.

Original Idea: Brad thrusts the saw into Ryan, impaling him. Dina and Brad then survive the trap, but the script was changed to make Dina the loser and Brad and Ryan the winners of the trap.

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