Come on, Peewee! Come on!
— Peewee's mistress talks to her dog[src]

Peewee is a fictional pet in the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw V.


Mark Hoffman

Hoffman, Peewee, mollig woman

Peewee jumps at Hoffman

Peewee was the dog of a woman who lived in the same apartment house as Mark Hoffman, a detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department. One day he found an anonymous letter in his station, which had been sent to him by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, who told him that he knew that Hoffman had imitated his modus operandi to kill Seth Baxter, the murder of his sister, Angelina Acomb, and made the murder appear to be another one of Jigsaw's crimes. Worried by this, Hoffman went home. Due to the letter, he was excessively nervous even when he entered his own apartment building. While waiting for the elevator, he suddenly heard the screams of a woman and other loud noises. Therefore, he pulled his weapon and carefully approached the door to the staircase from where the noises came. When he opened the door, Peewee the dog jumped and barked at him. His owner was shocked when she saw, how Hoffman began to panic and aimed his gun at her and the dog. Eventually, she managed to calm Peewee down and left the building along with him. (Saw V)

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