Patrick was the second bullish man in Saw II: Flesh and Blood, and one of the two who is explored more deeply. Michael Tapp encouters him and when Patrick see's him, he gets violent and starts charging at him. Michael notices a writing on the floor saying "X Marks the spot" which shows where to lead Patrick into hitting. After 3 smashes into the wall, the wall completly collapse and Patrick falls into a pit and falls to his death.

The reason Patrick was tested was because when he was a child his fathercut him with knives as a sadistic way of showing his intimacy. When he grew up Patrick took the cutting to the next level by carving up people who just walked by him and greeted him and so was arrested by David Tapp who quoted he was incurable. The device which he was strapped to was when he made a sudden move it would carve deeper and deeper into his skull.

Tape: Hello Patrick. When you were a child, your father used to cut you with knives as a sadistic gesture of intimacy. Rather than break the cycle of violence, you've escalated to carving up strangers who do no more than greet you. Detective Tapp said during your trial that you were incurable. But I have a cure. The device attached to your head will carve deeper and deeper into your skull everytime you make a sudden movement. Try to keep still, Patrick.

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