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Oxygen Crusher
Saw VI oxygen clamps
Appearances Saw IV, Saw 3D
Also Known As Breathing Room
Type of Trap Competition Trap
Victims William Easton, Hank
Created by John Kramer, Mark Hoffman

William and the company's janitor, Hank , wake up to bright spotlights and find that they are each fastened in between two large vices, facing one another, with their arms chained above their heads and oxygen masks over their faces. The rules explain that every time one of them takes a breath, a device will react and the vices will tighten on the breathing individual. Both attempt to outlast each other and hold his breath for a longer period of time, however, the janitor, who happens to be a smoker, cannot hold his breath for long and soon after has his ribcage crushed, setting William free. William unlocks the first bomb strap from his body and proceeds on to his next test.

...Here is your first test. Your health and hereditary background put you in the highest category of success, however the same cannot be said for your adversary. While only fifty-two years of age, this man has continued to smoke, even though he has a history of high blood pressure and heart disease. This demonstrates the very lack of appreciation for the blessings of his own life. Your game will focus on the simple element of air. Once this game begins, every time you take a breath, the clamps around your chest will close in and crush your body. The only escape is in the other’s failure. So I ask you: When faced with death, who will survive? Live or die, William. Make your choice.

Jigsaw explain the rules

Saw 3D

When Hoffman is looking for Jill, the device that killed Hank can be seen in the evidence room

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