Michael's Tests are divided in seven parts:

Michael Tapp wakes up in a cage lined to a track filled with broken glass. Beside him is a man named Solomon in the same situation. On a television, Jigsaw tells them to move the cages to the end of the tracks to open a door and escape, however only one of them may pass through the door. The floor is also covered with broken glass, and they are both barefoot, so pushing the cage while walking will not be an easy task for them. Solomon manages to make it in the end and escape, leaving Michael behind, while Jigsaw gives Michael another test.

Once Michael escapes, he finds himself uncovering a drug-ring conspiracy that is connected to his father Detective Tapp's death. After his first trial, Michael is equipped with a shotgun vest (similar in fashion to the Shotgun Collar from Saw III) that prevents him from wandering off of the designated path.

Michael and Solomon's Tape: Hello. Rise and shine. Michael, Solomon; each of you have an opportunity to escape this room. The first one to move their cage to the door will be freed. However, there is no price of second place. Oh, and watch your step. The floor is covered in broken glass. You like stories, don't you? Well, here's the first one: the tortoise and the hare. Let the game begin.

Michael's Failure Tape: You've failed, Michael. But I am giving you a second chance. You are a reporter, the public trusts the news you give them as the truth. But the truth is you write stories for your own benefit. Sons often suffer the sins of their fathers. But your father suffered your corruption. To escape this place, you will have to free those involved in your father's death. To truly succeed, you will need to not simply do what you are told. You will need to investigate your surroundings, like the reporter you claim to be. Save their lives and find the story of your father's death. Discovering the truth will set you free.

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