If Campbell chose to die and Michael reaches the elevator, he makes it to a room with two doors: one will lead him to his freedom and he continues on to publish his stories using the case files he collected during his test,
Micheals Choice
while the other door will lead him to a Pighead outfit because Jigsaw wants Michael to serve justice to the world and become another one of his apprentices. Michael's final choice is not revealed.

Michael's Tape: Hello Michael. You've seen the corruption that pollutes the world. The gripping power of addiction. Not just to drugs, but to money and power. That addiction fuels evil, real evil, into everyone around it. Your test was to bring justice to those claiming to uphold the law. And you passed. You've proven that you can see beyond the lies that people wrap themselves in, past the meat and sinew, to the truth. What you do with that truth is your choice. We are quite similar, Michael. We both demand justice in an unjust world. So I am giving you one last choice. You can collect those files that your father collected and publish the truth in a newspaper used to wrap fish the very next day. Or you can help people see the truth within themselves, to be rehabiliated as you were. Now is the time to choose, Michael.

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