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Appearances Saw IV, 3D
Also Known As Fight to the Death
Eyes Sewn Shut
Type of Trap Competition
Victims Art Blank (deceased)
Trevor (deceased)
Trevor: Who's that? Talk to me! Talk to me!

Art: Hmm!

— Trevor trying to communicate with Art[src]

The Mausoleum Trap was the trap featured in the opening scene of Saw IV.

The trap consists of one person with his eyes sewn shut and the other with his mouth sewn shut, and the two must cooperate to avoid being both killed by chains pulling them into a wench. 

Saw IV

Trevor woke up on the floor of a mausoleum with a locked collar around his neck, attached to a chain. He began to panic when he realized that his eyes had been sewn shut, rendering him blind. He started pulling on the chain to try to release himself, waking up another victim, Art Blank, on the other side of the room. Art realized that he was shackled by a similar collar to the opposite end of the same chain. Art's mouth had been sewn shut, rendering him mute. Between the two of them was a winding drum, with a trigger-tab in place inside of a large cylinder that the chain passed through. During Trevor and Art's ensuing struggle, Trevor knocked over a chair with multiple instruments on it, including a hammer, an axe, and multiple meat-hooks. As he began pulling on the chain, drawing Art closer to the machine, the tab was pulled out, activating the device. The cylinder began to rotate, slowly reeling in the chain and pulling both men closer together. They both pulled back and forth on the chain, each getting closer to the machine, though the lack of communication made it impossible for them to work together in solving the puzzle. Art spotted a key on the back of Trevor's collar and realized that it might open the collar around his own neck, unknown to him that it would also unlock Trevor's collar as well. Due to Trevor's loss of eyesight and Art's inability to speak, Trevor assumed that Art was an enemy and began attacking him as he made his way over to Trevor.


Art armed himself with the axe to protect himself before the two men started fighting. Trevor swung a hook wildly, eventually stabbing Art in the leg. Art, however, still managed to get the key from the back of Trevor's collar after stabbing the hook into his shoulder. As Art attempted to unlock his collar, Trevor attacked again, and Art was forced to kill him by smashing his head in with the hammer. Finally, Art fumbled to try to open the lock on his collar. He managed to remove it, and screamed, ripping his mouth open. During a flashback later in the movie, Art was revealed to have found a file folder elsewhere in the mausoleum, with "THE KEY TO YOUR FREEDOM" written on its cover. Sitting atop the folder was a tape recorder, which delivered a congratulatory message to Art. In Saw 3D, it shows that Dr. Lawrence Gordon was the one who sewn Trevor's eyes. For Art, it did not show who sewn his mouth, but it was most likely Dr. Gordon as well.


  • The original premise for the trap was that the winch was originally going to be on the ceiling and eventually hang them. This idea was later incorporated into The Collars from Saw V and the Hangman trap from Saw 3D. 
  • According to the Saw IV commentary, originally the location had not been decided. Director Darren Lynn Bousman was asked where it should take place. He joked that it should be a mausoleum (since his film Repo: The Genetic Opera had mostly taken place in a mausoleum). He was surprised to find out later that he had been taken seriously and they were going to film the scene in a mausoleum. 
  • Art's mouth was sewn shut because he was an unscrupulous lawyer who was known for preventing criminals from facing justice for their crimes. It is unknown why Trevor's eyes were sewn shut, as his reason for testing has never been specifically determined, but it is likely because he was prone to violence, as shown in the trap. He may have been sexually violent like Ivan Landsness (another client of Art Blank), which is why his eyes were punished. Art Blank could easily have been his lawyer also, as this is what connected all of the people in traps in Saw IV.  

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