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Matt Gibson
Matt GibsonHD
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw 3D
Status Deceased
Died In Saw 3D
Cause of Death Shot in Chest and Stomach by PKM light-machine gun (Activated by Mark Hoffman).
Profession Internal Affairs Detective
Role Trying to catch Mark Hoffman
Relationships Mark Hoffman (Old Friend, Deceased) Rogers (Partner, Deceased)
Portrayed by Chad Donella

Matt Gibson was an internal affairs detective who takes an interest in the Jigsaw case when Jill Tuck asks to speak to him personally. She offers to turn over evidence of Mark Hoffman's crimes in exchange for police protection and immunity from prosecution. He's the main deuteragonist of Saw 3D


When Gibson was a uniformed officer, his life was saved by Hoffman, who killed a homeless man menacing Gibson.The incident led Gibson to mistrust Hoffman from that moment on, and he and his partner Rogers lead the efforts to find him. Clues left by Hoffman lead Gibson to the observation area for Hoffman's tests of Bobby Dagen,

Gibson lying dead, by PKM trap.

where he is killed by remote-controlled PKM light-machine gun in the room.

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