Marcus Dunstan (born September 19, 1975) is an American screenplay writer and director.

Marcus Dunstan

Life and career

Dunstan was born in Macomb, Illinois. He spent his formative years working in movie theaters and studying film at the University of Iowa.

While in college Dunstan experimented with 16mm film often using himself as the guinea pig in poorly executed stunts that left him dragging behind a car, the target of flying knives, and thrice being set on fire. He holds the record for spilling the most fake blood ever in a student film.[1] Since moving to Los Angeles in 1999, Dunstan toiled in several odd jobs including a retirement home, an Optometry clinic, and a video store while spending his nights writing on a borrowed computer from fellow screenwriter, Patrick Melton.

In March, 2005, Dunstan and Melton won Season Three of Project Greenlight with their screenplay, Feast. The director was John Gulager. The film starred Krista Allen and Eric Dane and was produced by Dimension Films and Neo Art & Logic.[2]

Dunstan has written the screenplays for Feast, Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds, Feast 3: The Happy Finish, The Collector, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and Saw 3D.[3] He is also in pre-producation and post-production for several of his other screenplays.[4] In addition to writing the screenplay for The Collector, he also directed the film. In addition to this, he and writing partner Patrick Melton made a cameo appearance in Saw V emerging from an elevator.[5] Dunstan is set to direct the sequel to his directing debut The Collector.[6] He will direct the sequel to The Collector, produced by Liddell Entertainment and Fortress Features, which will start filming in January 2011.[7]



Film Release Date Budget
Feast 2005 $3,200,000
Saw IV 2007 $10,000,000
Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds 2008 $2,000,000
Saw V 2008 $10,800,000
Feast 3: The Happy Finish 2009 $2,000,000
The Collector 2009 $3,400,000
Saw VI 2009 $11,000,000
Saw 3D 2010 $20,000,000
Piranha 3DD 2011 $20,000,000
The Collection 2011 $10,000,000


  • The Candidate (2010)


  • The Collector (2009)

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