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Biographical Information
Appearances Saw V, 3D
Status Alive
Profession Arsonist and heroin addict
Role Test subject
Reason Tested Was paid off with drugs to burn down an inhabited building (he did not know that it was inhabited though); eight people died in this fire.
Relationships Fellow victims: Luba Gibbs (Deceased), Brit (Alive), Charles (Deceased), and Ashley (Deceased)
Portrayed by Greg Bryk
We both deserve to be here.
— Mallick's reply to Brit before they both place their hands into the saw table.

Mallick is a fictional character who appeared in Saw V. He is brash and quick to anger. He shares the last name of Danica Scott, who was a victim in Saw III; however, there is no indication that the two are related. He is the the minor Protagonist of Saw V

Saw V

In The Collars

Mallick is the fourth to awaken in the Neck Tie Trap, and almost instantly realizes that he is in a Jigsaw game. He states that he knew this was going to happen to him, and, afraid, attempts to pull off his own collar. After

Mallick in the Collar Trap.

 listening to Jigsaw's tape, he believes that someone has to die. When Luba says that maybe the message means they shouldn't go for the keys, Mallick scathingly replies "You fucking nuts?". He becomes hysterical after Ashley says that the jars in the room are bombs, and Charles refuses to answer his questions. In response to Luba's suggestion that "advantages" means money, Mallick raises his hand in compliance, but when Charles and Ashley say they are not from money and he tells Luba "Nice fucking try, Nancy Drew.". He then reverts to verbally attacking Charles, asking what he knows about everyone else. When Charles ignores him again, Mallick panics again, and Charles reveals to everyone the burn on his (Mallick's) arm. This makes Mallick extremely angry, and he curses at Charles, to which Charles replies "Been playing with matches again, have we?". This is the final straw for Mallick, who dismisses the group with "Fuck all of you and your fucking plan!", and makes a run for his key. He makes everyone's collar violently pull on their necks, but Charles yanks him back and the 60 second timer is activated. After Charles, Luba and Brit get their collars, Mallick attempts to get to his collar key before Ashley gets to hers. He accidentally smashes his key onto the floor behind the box, and yanks on his collar to get it, this results in Ashley's falling to the ground, and the sealing of her doom. He is the third to get his collar off, and falls to the ground underneath his box, watching as Ashley is decapitated. Brit takes his key from him, and he asks her what she is doing, to which she replies "Being smart". Mallick is the last to leave the Neck Tie room

The Ceiling Jars


Mallick attempts to get a key from the 2nd test.

Mallick is the last to enter the Glass Jar Trap. He attempts to shut the door behind him as he enters but is promptly stopped by the others (Brit, Charles, and Luba). Brit then explains to him that shutting the door will start the next timer. When Luba suggests that they figure out who everyone is, Mallick asks what Brit had done to get placed in the trap. When her reply doesn't reveal anything, Mallick resigns that she's "boring, like the rest of us". When asked about himself, Mallick states that he has no wife, no kids that he knows of, and no job. Charles then angers Mallick by saying that he probably lives off a trust fund. After hearing the rules of the game, Mallick begins to smash the jars on the ceiling but is attacked by Charles with a metal rod, who beats him until he is on the ground. Still conscious, Mallick attempted to pick up a key, but Charles stepped on his hand and promptly took it from him. Just as Charles was about to enter his shelter, Luba hit him from behind with a metal rod, knocking the key out of his hand, and returning it to Mallick. Mallick enters the last of the three points of safety seconds before the nail bombs detonate.

The Electric Bathtub

S5mallick and luba's dead body

Mallick in the Bathtub trap.

When Brit, Mallick, and Luba reach their third test they found a bathtub and electrical cords near the bathtub. When the tape message came up the tape said to connect the electrical cords to the bathtub, and they had three minutes to do it. Luba then tried to kill him but then he was saved when Brit killed Luba. Brit and Mallick then used Luba's corpse to power the door and they got out the room.

10 Pints of Sacrifice 

Saw v mallick blade table

Mallick, sawing his own arm.

When Brit and Mallick got to their final test they saw a blade table. Below the blade table was a beaker

measuring up to ten pints, which meant they had to give up ten pints of blood in order to unlock the door to their freedom.


"We did it, we won." Mallick's arm, cut in half.

Then they discover that they had to work together thoughout their whole tests.

And it was also revealed that Brit, Mallick, Charles, Luba, and Ashley were involved with the fire which killed eight people. Both Brit and Mallick gave up five pints of blood in order for them to get out of the room.

Saw 3D

Saw 3d mallick

Mallick in Bobby Dagen's Survivor group, with his arm in a cast.


Mallick in Bobby Dagen's S.U.R.V.I.V.E. group, front view.

Mallick appeared in Bobby Dagen's self-help "S.U.R.V.I.V.E." group and had his arm recovered.It's said clearly in the script that Malick's arm was stitched.

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