I speak for the dead.
— Logan[[src]]

Logan Nelson is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He is the villain and protagonist of Jigsaw, and is portrayed by Matt Passmore.

He is John Kramer's original disciple before Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman, and John's successor following the deaths of the aforementioned.

He is the only survivor of the tests taking place in Jill Tuck's farm.


Early Life

Prior to his test, Logan served in the military as a medic, during which he was captured, brutally interrogated, and traumatized, leading to his discharge. He later returned to medical school to pursue a career as a medical examiner.

First Test

Logan was the fifth participant in the series of traps at Jill Tuck's farm, placed there due to his negligence as a medical resident while labeling John Kramer's x-ray and delaying his diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor. During the initial Bucket Head trap, Logan failed to wake up until the four others had freed themselves and begun to move on to the second test, not allowing him to hear Anna's realization that to be released from the headpiece they would need to cut themselves.


Before he could be pulled into the blades, John entered the room and released Logan from the bucket headpiece, deciding that he should not have to die over his carelessness in mislabeling John's x-rays -- an innocent mistake. John proceeded to take him back to his lab and mend his wounds.

Feeling gratitude towards John for sparing him, Logan began to work alongside him as his first apprentice.

Jigsaw Successor

Posing as John, Logan recreated the tests at Jill Tuck's farm he was meant to partake in with the intention of framing Detective Halloran in retribution for his complacency as a detective.

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