Now I speak for the lives ruined by people like you. Murderers. Rapists. Their victims appeared on my table because of you.
— Logan[[src]]

Logan Nelson is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. as well as the main protagonist of Jigsaw. He is portrayed by Matt Passmore.


Early Life

Prior to his test, Logan served in the military as a medic and a tour in Iraq during the Iraq war, during which he was captured (but not before killing 3 rebels), brutally interrogated, and traumatized, leading to his discharge. He later returned to medical school to pursue a career as a medical examiner.

First Test


Logan in the first room

Logan was the fifth participant in the series of traps at Dale Tuck's farm, placed there due to his negligence as a medical resident while labeling John Kramer's x-ray and delaying his diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor. During the initial Bucket Head trap, Logan failed to wake up until the four others had freed themselves and begun to move on to the second test, not allowing him to hear Anna's realization that to be released from the headpiece they would need to cut themselves.


Before he could be pulled further into the blades, John entered the room and released Logan from the bucket headpiece, deciding that Logan should not have to die because of his own miscalculation. John proceeded to take him back to his lab and mend his wounds. Feeling gratitude towards John for sparing him, Logan began to work alongside him as his first asset, even helping John to build the original Reverse Beartrap.

Jigsaw Successor

Posing as John, Logan recreated the tests at Dale Tuck's farm he was meant to partake in with the intention of framing Detective Halloran in retribution for his complacency as a detective.



Halloran talks to Logan

In his attempt to frame Halloran, Logan built a replica of the game played 10 years ago using criminals from Halloran’s cases. The first victim Malcolm Neil died from getting sliced up by the buzz saws and was hung above a bridge. He was visited by detectives where he and Eleanor examined the body. After being at the morgue and needing more evidence to find the criminals behind it.

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Logan observes the reverse beartrap

Halloran became suspicious of Logan and Eleanor. In an attempt to throw him off he killed Edgar and buried him in John's coffin, continuing the ruse that John may be alive. After a second body appears, Logan decides to visit Eleanor at a bar where she takes him to her replica warehouse unaware that Keith was following them. After the police raid the factory and find the third body Keith arrests Logan where he places the blame on Halloran and is let free, after manipulating evidence. After trying to phone Eleanor he finds her next to him where she tells him that she found where the original game played. They are followed by Halloran, and while Logan appeared to be knocked unconscious, he later subdued Halloran.

Laser collars


Logan in the laser trap

Logan and Halloran awake in a room with collars strapped to their necks. They are then told via a speaker with Johns voice that they must confess they crimes or they will be killed via multiple laser cutters to the skull. Logan goes first despite Halloran pressing his button claiming he would go first, Logan confessed to mislabeling John's x-rays years ago but is then appeared to be killed. Halloran then confesses to letting criminals walk free which make the lasers stop. He then notices that Logans lasers did not puncture the roof since they were not as powerful as the ones in his own collar and there were blood capsuals that burst the blood. Logan then reveals that after he was sliced by the buzz saws he was saved by John and became an apprentice, Since Halloran did not confess to letting Edgar free, Logan executes Halloran by re-activating the lasers. Logan then leaves claiming that Eleanor will be his alibi, allowing him to remain free.


Before he became John Kramer's disciple, Logan was a broken man due to his experiences in war. This trauma led him to become careless with his work, shown by the fact he mislabelled John's x-ray results. It also led him to have trouble focusing, and left him without a purpose. However, he was also shown to have a strong sense of justice, as when John told him they can never come from anger or vengeance, he simply replied that there would be no justice for the victims of those that they would test. It was his work with John that allowed Logan to heal to a degree from his trauma, and to regain a purpose in life.

Logan has shown that he is quite vengeful as well, due to the fact he tested both Edgar and Halloran due to the roles they had in his wife's death, even though this goes against John's philosophy that the tests can never be personal. His sense of justice was clearly seen when he replicated John's first game, as all of his test subjects were criminals that Halloran had allowed to go free. Logan has also shown himself to be highly intelligent, able to replicate John's first game quite well, as well as maintain the ruse that John himself may be alive, as well as framing Halloran as the new Jigsaw, all the while giving himself an alibi. Logan's intelligence is also shown in his ability to create traps for his games, with the Laser Collars being the best example of this.

His military training has also given him skills with firearms and tactics, as he was able to accurately shoot Edgar with a sniper rifle in such a way that he was critically wounded but not killed, with his tactical training allowing him to quite expertly frame Halloran.


  • Logan didn't actually participate in his trap, as he didn't regain consciousness in time to know what was going on.
  • For what the movie reveals,he is John Kramer's original disciple before Amanda Young, Mark Hoffman, and Lawrence Gordon.
  • He is the only survivor of the tests taking place in Dale Tuck's farm.
  • He is the oldest known survivor of John's game.
  • He's the only character who took up the role of the Jigsaw Killer, who didn't use the familiar quote "Game Over" at the end of the film after his reveal. 
  • Like Hoffman, Logan constructed a Jigsaw like scenario for the purposes of revenge, however he did this after being recruited by John.
    • This was a betrayal of Jigsaw's philosophy that tests could not be personal. Rather ironically, this undermined his intention of seeing if he was a worthy successor to John, ultimately proving he would be unworthy in John's name.
      • However, John himself had created tests that were personal, such as William Easton's trial, as well as testing Mitch in the same test Logan himself was tested in, though John never rigged any of his games for failure, and gave everyone a chance to survive.  
  • It is very likely that Logan is the one who leaked the story of the Jigsaw game that was never found, as well as the blueprints for Jigsaw's traps to the internet that Eleanor later used to create her replicas. 
  • Logan’s M.O. is slightly different than John’s. John would leave his victims where they died (except for Cecil Adams), while Logan would display his victims’ bodies in a very theatrical fashion (except for Halloran).

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