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Lawnmower Trap
Appearances Saw 3D
Also Known As The Propellers
Type of Trap Competition Trap
Victims Sidney (survived)
Alex (killed)

The Lawnmower Trap (or The Propellers) - is a trap, that appeared in Saw 3D, mentioned in a Sidney's retrospection at Jigsaw Survivors' Meeting.

The Trap

Sidney and her abusive boyfriend, Alex , are the victims of this trap. The couple appears together in the trap, clinging to two identical ladders made of razor wire, suspended above numerous upturned lawnmowers, whose rotary blades are angled up at the two. The aim of the game was to knock the person on the opposite ladder off of their ladder, which would cause them to fall onto the blades below. In the end, Sidney knocks Alex off of his ladder, somehow sparing her own life. A ladder then lowered towards Sidney and she climbed on it, escaping the trap.

Because the trap is only alluded to in the movie and is not shown in it's entirety, the only description is offered by Sidney at a Jigsaw survivor's meeting.

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